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Bumpdate 36 & 37 Weeks!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Since I didn't get these bump dates up before I had our little girl, I decided to still post my 36 & 37 week bump dates to finish out my pregnancy weekly posts! 

Week: 36

Symptoms: More swelling in my feet and ankles, my blood pressure has been a bit higher lately, crazy dreams, and overall just tired at the end of the day. I am definitely enjoying taking some relaxing baths and propping my feet up on the couch in the evenings! 

Cravings: Nothing new . . . still loving all the fresh fruit available right now and as always some ice cream most evenings

Sleep: Definitely better after Dan installed the ceiling fan! I was just getting so overheated at night that I couldn't rest well. Ever since he put the fan in, I've been sleeping a lot better. Unless I have some of the crazy dreams I've been having, then my nights consist of a little less rest. 

Clothes: All maternity all the time! Getting a little tired of rotating the same couple pieces every day and already looking forward to doing some post baby shopping before I go back to work. 

Workout: Getting walks in, and even participated in Relay For Life this last weekend where I took a 3 hour shift of walking - Don't worry, I took breaks during that time frame! 

Nursery: Pretty much finished, just need her and then I can finally hang her name on the wall! 

Movement: Still getting lots of movement, which is actually making me have contractions at the same time. 

Best Moment This Week: Every week I look forward to our Drs Appointments now to hear how she's doing and if I've progressed at all! 

Missing: Having a larger wardrobe to choose from! 

Week: 37

Symptoms: Tired, my blood pressure keeps increasing, and starting to get nervous/excited for our little girl to be here. 

Cravings: Nothing new . . . still not really craving anything specific and having a tough time even finding things that sound good

Sleep: Depends on the night. A little better this week, but waking up feeling pretty uncomfortable from laying in the same position for too long. 

Clothes: Anything that fits and is somewhat comfortable is what I'm wearing! 

Workout: Fairly nonexistent this week 

Nursery: Almost all finished, just waiting on the mobile! 

Movement: Lots! Little girl loves to move and squirm all around! 

Best Moment This Week: Finding out that we are going to be induced this sunday and this will be my last week of being pregnant! 

Missing: With all of the excitement and nerves of the upcoming induction, I'm missing some wine to calm my nerves! 


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