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Week 34 & 35 Bumpdate

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week: 34 - Technically I'm 35 weeks today but it seems that as the weeks go by, I get lazier and these bump dates get put off longer and longer.

Total Weight Gain: I think I'm just ready to get rid of this category . . . I'm sort of over keeping track of it or caring too much about the number on the scale :)

Symptoms: I know I said this last week, but this week I definitely feel like I have hit the waddle stage or just the stage where everything is tough to do! My brother asked me the other day if walking was difficult. And sadly, at times it is. This week my heartburn and acid reflux has been bothering me more and I am definitely noticing more swelling in my feet and ankles!

Cravings: Nothing specific this week. Anything cold is still always sounding good, but a lot of times I have a hard time deciding what food sounds good.

Sleep: Getting up more frequently to use the bathroom, which is getting more difficult to do. I'm also waking up a lot just because it's getting uncomfortable to only be able to sleep on my sides. I wake up with my hips and back hurting and have a tough time finding a comfortable position to sleep in.

Clothes: All maternity all the time - basically anything that currently fits I'll wear!

Workout: Feeling like I need to walk at least once a day to keep the swelling in my ankles and feet down a little which is good motivation to get out and get some steps in!

Nursery: Pretty much finished. Just need to get the mobile and get the hangers put up for her name and then will share the final reveal once she's here and we've revealed her name.

Movement: This is getting less frequent since she is definitely running out of room in there!

Best Moment This Week: Getting to see our little girl at our ultrasound this week! She weighing in at right around 5 pounds and the dr thinks she will be between 6-7 pounds when she's born!

Missing: Not feeling uncomfortable all the time!

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Week: 35 - baby girl is the size of a honeydew melon

Symptoms: More hip and back pain and just overall more tired than usual.

Cravings: Nothing specific this week. Still eating lots of watermelon and any other fruit I can get my hands on!

Sleep: Still getting up to use the bathroom at least 2 times a night and finding myself switching sleeping positions often in order to get comfortable and stay comfortable.

Clothes: Anything that currently fits I'll wear!

Workout: Still walking several times a week, but not hitting my 10,000 steps as consistently.

Nursery: Pretty much finished & can't wait to share it with everyone!

Movement: With her getting bigger and my torso running out of room to expand, her movements are definitely getting more uncomfortable!

Best Moment This Week: Having the entire weekend with Dan & getting lots of stuff done for her arrival! Plus we will officially be in her birth month in just a couple days and will find out today how much longer they think before she makes her arrival!

Missing: Not feeling uncomfortable all the time. . . . and wine!

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  1. congratulations on 35 weeks! yay girl! you're soooo close!

  2. You look adorable!! She will be here SO SO Soon!! YAY!

  3. You are so close now she will be here before you know it! I can only imagine how uncomfortable you are feeling now but it'll be worth it when she is here and when you can have that glass of wine ha!

  4. Congrats, you're in the home stretch! I had both my kids at 38 weeks, so it could be just 3 more weeks!

  5. I can't believe she's almost here! I'm so excited to see how cute she's going to look! And I'm dying to see this nursery!

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