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First Family Trip

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This past weekend we made our first adventure out of town for an overnight with not only myself, Dan and Harper but also Cooper (the dog). On Thursday morning we loaded up the car (literally loaded, we couldn't fit more than a few shopping bags from the outlet in there with all the stuff we brought) and headed to the beach. Thankfully we have the ability to use Dan's parents beach house whenever it isn't being used so we didn't have to take all the small things like towels, toiletries and food but it still seemed like we were packing for a month. When we decided to plan the overnight, I hadn't really thought about everything we would have to drag along and how packed full my CRV would be, but we made it down and back in once piece and were even able to pack in a few bags from the outlets on our way back!

Traveling with a baby is definitely different and makes things a bit more challenging. I was trying to time our drive times since it's an hour and a half drive, around her feedings. We had to bring enough diapers and wipes and clothes for three days incase we stayed longer. We also had to pack her rock and play for her to sleep in, breastfeeding stuff and her stroller. Combine that with our tendency to overpack on our own clothes and add in the dog and his travel  necessities and our car was full! I was a little nervous that we would forget something that we wouldn't be able to buy at the beach but we made it through the trip without any runs to the store, aside for buying more baby clothes for later.

We didn't do too much when we got down there besides relax, some shopping and some time in the sun. The weather was supposed to be less than stellar according to the weatherman, but much to our delight it was gorgeous! We fit in three walks on the beach, some strolling around town and a few walks around the neighborhood. We came back after one night so we could sleep in our own beds and so we could be sure to watch the Duck game on Saturday morning, but it was a great first family trip, and I'm sure Cooper would agree!
Clearly the traveling wore out Harper . . . and Dan too!