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Back To Work

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

well as of yesterday i was no longer enjoying the new stay at home mommy life and was back at the office bright and early.

i thought coming back to work right after daylight savings would make me feel so much more rested and ready to tackle my first week back, and then i remembered that i'm now the parent to a 12 week old and was quickly reminded that little ones at that age have no idea what daylight savings is and their sleep schedule is still based on whenever they decide they're hungry. so there i was, up by 5am snuggling my little one before i had to leave her for the first time. it was horrible just what i needed.

the first day was tough, although something that i knew would eventually come. i only cried for about a mile of my drive so i'd say that was a win. i'd been trying not to think about it for weeks days and finally it was here. thankfully i don't have to worry about how she's doing while i'm gone because dan will be home with her on his days off and the other days she'll be with my mom, so she'll be totally spoiled while i'm away. that still doesn't make me miss her any less!

so i tried to get in as much snuggle, play and photo time as i could the past couple days! thankfully i only have to make it through three full weeks of work and then i get a couple extra days off for thanksgiving and it's basically the start of the christmas season (or it is in my head at least), and that always makes me happy! before you know it my little desk christmas tree will be out and lit and helping me make it through the work days a little happier.
anyway...i am sitting here counting down the minutes till i get to go home and get some more snuggle time in so thank god we have a CASH GIVEAWAY going on to take my mind off being back at work.

so let's get ourselves busy and check out the gals bringing the giveaway as well as getting entered!

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