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Harper - 3 Months

Friday, November 13, 2015

I'm Nicknames: Harps, Harpy, Turkey

Height & Weight: We didn't have a doctors appointment this month, but my mom weighed her the other day at the hospital and she was right around 13 pounds

Food: She's still breastfeeding. She takes bottles while I'm at work and breastfeeds when I'm home. I've slowly be getting used to pumping at work and remembering to take breaks to do so.

Sleep: She's sleeping great at night. She usually goes down to bed between 9-10 and sleeps till around 7 with some grunts and noises in there. She's still sleeping in the rock and play in our room, but I plan on transitioning her into her own room soon. I'll just miss her :) Her naps during the day are less planned and more sporadic. She will usually take more cat naps throughout the day with a longer one around lunchtime or early afternoon most days.

Favorites: She's starting to love her play mat, and still loves laying on her changing pad or in her crib staring at her mobile. We've been trying to incorporate some more tummy time, but she still only lasts a couple minutes before she starts crying. She also loves bath time as long as she's warm. This month she's started to love to go outside and stares at the trees. If she's being fussy, you can almost always calm her down with a walk to the mailbox or just by stepping outside.

Things That Happened This Month: She celebrated her first holiday by dressing up for Halloween which included a trip to the pumpkin patch, mom carving a pumpkin, a little one halloween party and dressing her up for the occasion. I went back to work this month just a day before she turned 12 weeks. It's been hard to be away from her, but I love our snuggle time in the evenings.

Looking Forward To: The Christmas season with her! It's my favorite time of year already but I can't wait to experience it with Harper!

Some photos from throughout the month:

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