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New Halloween Traditions

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This year our halloween went a bit different than past years. Obviously life with a new baby makes everything sort of turn upside down, but mostly in all good ways! This year instead of finding a scary haunted house or making drinks at a fun party, we got Harper dressed up and went to a little one's halloween party, meaning all of our friends with little kids dressed their kid up and got together for a party at 3 in the afternoon. See people, life has changed!

Before halloween was actually here, we took Harper on her first pumpkin patch trip. It's one of my favorite things to do every fall, and something I've looked forward to taking my kids to one day. This year we brought my parents along with us for a fun family outing (and so we had someone to take our pictures). And while Harper might still be too small to really care or remember any of it, I still had fun forcing her to take pictures and picking out a pumpkin!

On Halloween day, after several halloween costumes that were ordered and then returned because they were all huge on her, we finally found several halloween themed outfits for her to wear, including a jack-o-lantern top she wore the day before to get in the spirit.
We spent the afternoon on halloween at a friends house. They hosted a party for families with little ones which was so fun. It was nice to have a dry place for the kids to play and dress up and the parents to chat. Obviously Harper didn't do much more than be held, sleep and get her photo taken at the party, but it was still fun to spend time with our friends, even if it looked a little different this year. One of the things I love most about being a parent is that so many of our friends are newish parents too!
I'm sad that her first holiday has passed, but so thrilled to welcome in my favorite time of year. I already warned Dan that he may hate me this year because I plan on going way overboard with christmas! Being that it is my favorite time of year, last year we were in the middle of trying to move into our house and this is Harper's first Christmas so it's probably going to look like santa threw up around our house, and I am totally okay with that! What are your favorite parts about the holidays? Not that I need any more ideas!


  1. Look at that cute little zebra! So adorable!

  2. She is such a cutie!!! Everything changes once you have a baby, but it makes everything better. Just wait for Christmas. Christmas was so much more amazing once I got to watch my daughter experience the magic of the holiday.