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Unique Baby Gift Ideas

Thursday, November 19, 2015

As a new mom, I've gotten lots of amazing gifts for Harper in the last few months. The book shelves on her wall are full, she's got blankets to last her years and her closet is far more stylish than mine. But as I was getting all the sweetest gifts you can imagine, I came across some unique and special gift ideas that I will definitely be using the next time someone I know is having a baby. There's always the go-to baby gift in clothes, books or toys, but what if you're looking for something different, that no one else at the shower will think to bring? Here are some of my favorite gifts that may help you with your next baby shower shopping trip!

How cool would it be for your little boy or girl (or your friend's child) to have a book all about them? This book is called The Girl/Boy Who Forgot Their Name, and it's the perfect gift for any child!  The storyline is about a boy or girl who forgot their name and talks to different people to find it. Each person or animal that the little boy or girl talks to provides them with a different letter to help them remember. This book lets you personalize it with a printed note in the cover to the child along with the storyline of the book. The purchaser gets to select the name that the plot follows and the letters and characters that stand for each letter throughout the book. Since we hadn't shared the name of Harper before she was born, my parents purchased this for her after we were home from the hospital. I can't wait for her to read this as she grows up!

Headbands - If your friend or family member is having a little girl, I have loved getting headbands for Harper. One of my favorite shops is Zozu Baby who's got everything from simple mini bows to adorable larger headbands. When babies are little, girls are often mistaken for little boys (which my husband hates). I love having bows to distinguish her as a girl and to add a fun touch to any outfit! I love Zozu Baby bows because their mini bows are perfect for newborns, and they have all sizes to grow with the child as they grow!

I have lots of scrapbooking supplies and the best of intentions when it comes to saving photos and memories, but life tends to get in the way! This memory book from Lucy Darling is the perfect thing for busy moms to still capture fun memories for your child to look back on. The pages are set up to capture monthly photos, the many firsts including all of their first holidays, and even has space to remember the popular songs and price of gas when your little one is born. I have loved being able to fill in these pages and remember all the milestones with this easy and adorable book!

One of the most common baby gifts tends to be clothing, but sometimes you need some shoes to go along with an outfit. Moccasins from Freshly Picked are the perfect fit! These shoes are great for kids who are learning to stand and walk and are adorable at the same time! They come in tons of different colors to match any outfit! Order a larger size and it will fit the child at the perfect age where their learning to walk!
When I was researching which baby carrier to buy, there are so many different options out there. Do you need the one that has four different carrying options? Should it be more like a backpack or like fabric? Does it have good reviews? What size child does it fit? These were all questions I found myself asking. I finally decided on the Solly Wrap and I couldn't be happier! It's lightweight so I don't find myself sweating the minute I put it on, but it's still strong enough to be supportive. It's easy to put on, and does require someone else to help you get in and out of it like I've found some carriers require. Lastly, it's so comfortable for both me and for Harper! Anytime my baby is getting fussy, all I have to do is put this one, put her in it and go for a short walk outside! This wrap not only lets me carrier her through the store, but also lets me get stuff done around the house! I love it!
One of my favorite gifts was gifts from my Mom friends. Being a first time parent, there is so much research you can do and so many products to choose from that it can be overwhelming to try to figure out what you need for your new baby. Some of my best friends happen to also be new moms, so they gifted me with some of their favorite products to use for their kids. This was the greatest gift because it took the second guessing and all the research out of choose which diaper cream works best or what their favorite baby shampoo is! If you're a mom and you're friend is expecting, definitely do this for her! It's a lifesaver! 

What are your favorite new baby gifts? What are some of the best gifts you received while pregnant?


  1. I love our Freshly Picked moccs and baby carrier! I love your picks!

  2. I too love the moccasin idea! I just bought some for my niece who was just born at 31wks. She came before her baby shower, so that got delayed and is coming up and I can't wait! I finally decided to buy them family portraits! I'm excited to give it to them!!

  3. Great ideas!!! I always like to get products that were favourites of ours, but also look to registries to make sure I'm getting something they want/need too!

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