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A Blogging Reminder

Thursday, December 10, 2015

I was sitting here scrolling through my bloglovin newsfeed, catching up on all my favorite blogs when I realized my life feels like its become a lot less blogworthy. I've gone from fun weekend outings of beer festivals and beach trips to early mornings, play mat sessions and constant outfit changes. And in the midst of all that change I started to feel a little less photo ready or adventurous. But just because I'm a new mom and am slowly easing in to my new schedule of balancing work, motherhood and the occasional second for myself to shower doesn't mean that I should quit blogging.

Sometimes I think it can be difficult to figure out what this sort of ultra ego the blogging world seems to be. One where it feels like we are supposed to constantly have our DSLR out and always be on the go in the most fashionable outfit. Let's be real, we all love reading those blogs.

My blogging feed is filled with amazing party planners, awesome fashionistas and the best home decorators you could ever imagine! I find myself thinking maybe I can't compete or maybe I don't have as much value to add.

But why did I start writing in this space in the first place? Was it to compete or keep up with these published authors with thousands of followers? Not really. It wasn't until I started to understand this blogging world that I had gotten myself in to that I realized the potential that blogging had, or that there was even a way to gain 500 followers much less thousands.

So while I try to remind myself that I don't have to compete with every other blogger, I also need to remember to get out that camera and commemorate the things I am doing.

Here's a photo from our Christmas photo session this past weekend and the start to my goal of capturing and sharing more pictures and more of what I'm doing now!


  1. Love this post. I always feel like I can not compete but I did not start blogging for that!

  2. Love this post, girl!! And you're right, it can be hard to keep up sometimes but each of us has something special to offer the blogging world :)

    xo, Kristina
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  3. An awesome attitude! Just as we human are ever changing, so are the activities we're involved in. It's important to keep blogging if you still like it, but be comfortable with a potential shift in your material and audience. It's your LIFE, after all!