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A New Mom's Morning Routine

Monday, December 21, 2015

Since going back to work after having Harper, my whole schedule and routine on a daily basis has changed. I used to try everything to push the time the alarm went off to as late as possible on my work days. Ever since having Harper, I never make it to the 6:30 alarm that used to seem so early!

Lately I'm lucky if I'm still in bed at 6. I honestly hadn't thought about all the prep work and time it would take just to get myself and Harper's stuff ready in the morning, not including the time it takes to get just her ready. On my work days, I'm up by 6 at the latest and here's my to do list before I head out the door . . .
I have to pump before she wakes up
Then make sure all my pumping stuff including clean bottles is ready for me to take to work
Fill bottles for the day for Dan or my mom to give to Harper
Get dressed and do my hair and make up
Let the dog out and feed him
Wake up Harper and change and feed her

One of the things that makes my morning tricky is Dan's schedule. Being married to a firefighter has it's perks, but their schedule can make things a little more challenging. He works 24 hour shifts so on mornings he's leaving for work we both get ready and then I stay with Harper until my mom comes to pick her up. Mornings he's getting off work are a little more difficult. He gets off at 730 and I typically leave the house by 720 so I stay a little longer and hand off Harper as soon as he's there. Unfortunately his job can be unpredictable, so every morning he's supposed to get off I'm always hoping and praying he doesn't get a late call that will make me late for work.
I'm always looking for ways to speed up my getting ready process in the morning. I'm the queen of trying to skip a day of washing my hair or taking a shower the night before so I can sleep an extra few minutes! A girl needs her beauty rest, right? One of the ways I've found to save some time is to use the Saphire 8 in 1 Curling Wand! I've always pinned different tips on how to curl your hair to get relaxed waves or how best to use a curling wand, but never tried it out myself. Clearly I was missing out! I absolutely love how easy the curling wand is to use and just how great my hair turns out when I use it! Not only do I feel put together, but it doesn't take me all morning to do it!
I used the Saphire 8 in 1 Curling Wand to do my hair for our Christmas photo session and love the way my curls turned out. I've never been one who's awesome at styling their own hair and I've always been a little afraid to try some of the curling wands, but after trying this one I'm hooked! It makes creating the perfect curls or subtle waves so easy! I've even convinced my husband to help me out a time or two to make sure all the curls in the back of my head look perfect! The wand comes with 8 different barrels to create 8 different looks!

When I'm in a hurry in the morning trying to get myself ready before Harper wakes up and needs to get ready too, I'm always looking for quick and effective tools to help me. The Irresistible Me products really help me look put together every day without taking hours to do it and killing my hair! Now I don't always have to sport the bun every day and always feel put together!

This is a sponsored posts written on behalf of Irresistable Me. All opinions are 100% my own.  


  1. I always have been afraid to use the styling wands also because I'm not too great with styling my hair different ways but this post makes me want to adventure out and try. Your hair looks great!!

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! I never have enough time in the morning either.

  3. your hair is so pretty! I'm in love your bathroom!

  4. I totally feel your pain about the firefighter schedule because I'm in the exact same boat! I love the flexibility of it, but those mornings when he's supposed to be home at a certain time but then gets stuck on a call can be difficult. And YES, mornings sure do change with a baby around! I shower at night now, too... there's no way I could pull it off in the morning anymore along with everything else!

  5. First... adorable baby!

    Don't you hate it we can't just tell our hair, and makeup for that matter, what to do and it just do it? I tend to straighten mine more than anything, it just seems to be easier. But then again, it could be because I need a new wand!

  6. Wow, you are super organized to have time to do your hair in the morning! At least your hair is pretty :)

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