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Must Haves For Getting Through the First Three Months

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Harper was four months on Friday and I literally can't believe how fast she's changing and growing. It seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital and now she's growing out of all her three month clothes and really starting to show her little personality. When we were preparing to have Harper, I was at a loss of what products and items I really needed. Thankfully I have a few close friends who had recently had babies and had made some good friends through blogging that were also pregnant so I was able to make some important purchases before she arrived. But every baby is different, and there are some products I purchased and loved and some that I never really used. One of the things I found really helpful in the months leading up to her arrival was reading what other blogger moms recommended and then doing my research from there. So here are the items that helped us get through the first three months with Harper.

Rock 'n Play - We were planning on having Harper sleep in the newborn napper in her pack and play in our room, until she didn't really like it there. Trust me, you'll let her sleep anywhere she actually sleeps if it means you get more rest. From the very beginning she didn't like laying flat in the crib at the hospital, and had to be elevated a bit to help with some reflux issues so the rock 'n play worked perfect. It's inexpensive and easy to move, so we used it all around the house. She is actually still sleeping in this right now, although we are working on the crib transition. Wish us luck!

SwaddleME Infant Wraps - Harper is an escape artist. We tried using swaddle blankets and wrapping them as tight as we could and she'd still un-swaddle herself and wake up hitting herself in the face in the middle of the night. It took a couple weeks before she fit in to the small size SwaddleMe well (especially since she was pretty tiny at first) but ever since then she's slept in these every night! She stays tightly swaddled all night and for any baby that likes to be wrapped up tightly to sleep, these are perfect!

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Toy - This toy is a miracle worker! Most times if she's upset or crying this thing does the trick! And at less than $10 on Amazon, it can't be beat! I carry this thing with us in the diaper bag or next to her in her carseat when we run errands and always have it nearby at home. It works so well my parents even have one at their house for when she's there. Something about the lights and music help calm her down every time!

Fisher-Price Kick and Play Mat - Once she was about a month old we started putting her on the play mat a few times a day. She loves to stare at herself in the mirror and kick the piano with her feat. By the time she hit 3 months she started really noticing the toys hanging above her. Before having Harper some of my friends referred to this as the crack mat and said it was a must have baby item and I have to agree. Plus once she's older and can sit up on her own, the piano comes off and she can carry it around to play with it.

Solly Baby Wrap - As a newborn, and most of the time even now, Harper likes to be near you. I purchased the Solly Wrap when Harper was a couple weeks old and have used it ever since. The fabric is lightweight and easy to get tight while still being comfortable. I love that even in the summer, the material is still thin enough and breathable so I'm not dying from the heat. Harper loves to be up and looking around at everything and this wrap is perfect for wearing her around the house, at the store and for walks to the mailbox!

ErgoBaby Carrier - While I also have the Solly Wrap, I wanted a carrier that my husband might feel better about wearing and that was a little more supportive for longer walks or outings. The ErgoBaby carrier works great for walks or longer shopping trips. It's super supportive for me and Harper, and is really comfortable to wear. Even with some back issues, this carrier is really comfortable for me to wear for extended periods of time.

Carters Sleepers - These sleepers are basically all she sleeps in every night. The Carters sleepers come as button up or zipper and the smaller sizes have mittens in them you can use to cover their hands. Harper always likes to have her hands in her face so we loved these newborn sleepers with the built in mittens to help protect her face from scratches. I couldn't imagine putting baby mittens on her all the time and them actually staying on so these worked perfect for those first few weeks. Now she seems to keep her hands out of her face even without her hands covered but we still love the adorable designs and comfortable sleepers Carters makes.

Each of these items definitely made the first three months with Harper a million times easier. Every baby is different so some of these things may work and some might not, but these definitely worked for us. Unfortunately a lot of times I find that things are trial and error till you figure out what works, but this is definitely a good start. What were some of the things that helped you through that newborn stage?


  1. If you are looking for a way to get a little elevation in the crib for her, they make wedges that go under the mattress to raise one side up a bit. We did that for Henry to try and help his ears drain better. We actually just took it out a few months ago. I think Target sells them.

    Love this list! I am definitely getting a Solly Wrap for my next baby.

  2. I love this list! We didn't have a rock and play with Caleb but I'm for sure getting one when we have another kiddo!

  3. What a great list! I have four kiddos with my youngest being 1. When I had my first, they didn't really have the velcro swaddlers when he was an infant. When I finally got the swaddlers I thought "These are amazing!" The play mats are great as well and keep them busy :)

  4. I bought a Solly wrap hoping to be able to do chores and things around the house while wearing my daughter, but she is pretty content with sitting in her bouncer or laying on her mat while I do things. I'm hoping she'll take a liking to the wrap in the spring time when we'll be outside a lot more. We also were gifted a mamaroo, but she doesn't like being in it for long. If I could do it again, we'd go without both because neither one were cheap!

  5. I agree with all of these - MUST haves! Especially lots and lots of sleepers! I loved having a Solly wrap with MG and can't wait to use it again with the new baby!