Health, Love & Fire: February 2015

Weeks 4-12

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One of the things I have found most helpful throughout these first few weeks after finding out were the posts that some of my favorite bloggers did of their early first trimester weeks. Finding out your pregnant can be one of the most exciting, yet at the same time most lonely feelings. While you are over the moon excited about the changes happening in your life, not being able to talk to many other people about what you're going through can be really difficult, especially when it involves lots of changes in your body and how you're feeling. Keeping your pregnancy a secret for the first few weeks is something many women choose to do, but I found that being able to read what other ladies were going through during those early weeks helped me feel less nervous about the symptoms I was having and more comfortable knowing I wasn't alone. So since I found those posts so helpful (thanks Jax & Katie) I decided to share some of the excitement and feelings I was having in my early weeks of pregnancy. Feel free to skip this post if you find it boring, I won't hold it against you :) 

(don't mind the exhausted look on my face, we had been waiting 12 hours to find out if we got to move in or not as this was taken at 8pm, and I had been up since 3:30 not being able to sleep after finding out I was pregnant that day) 
Week 4: 
Best part of the week: This is the week we found out we were expecting, and also the same week we got the keys to our house, and celebrated my birthday! So to say this week was full of excitement is an understatement!

Feeling . . . I felt really tired all the time. I'm not sure how much of this was from moving and all the other chaos we had going on, but I could have napped all day every day! But even though I could have slept all the time, I was having a lot of trouble sleeping.

Week 5:
Best part of the week:  We got to celebrate Christmas with my parents and brother on Christmas Eve and tell them that we were expecting! We also shared our exciting news with two of our best friends who just had twins in July!

Feeling . . . I was definitely starting to feel pregnant and experienced a sore chest, achey joints, trouble sleeping and getting comfortable at night and just all around tired!

Week 6: 
Best part of the week: This week it all started to feel real. We bought a few pregnancy books, scheduled some doctors appointments, and it really started to set in that we were starting a family.

Feeling . . .  This is the week the morning/all day sickness really started to bother me. It also happens to be the week I went back to work. I was trying everything and anything I could to help with the nausea. Thankfully I only got sick a couple times, but I was definitely not feeling like myself.

Week 7: 
Best part of the week My sweet husband taking such good care of me and really helping around the house and with whatever I need. He offers to rub my feet, run to the store for anything I want and always makes sure I'm feeling alright and don't need anything.

Feeling . . .  Still feeling really nauseous most of the time, falling asleep where ever I am by 8:30 or 9 most nights and getting up to use the bathroom at least once a night. Luckily my nausea seems to be a little less frequent but definitely still there. I am also noticing that some of my pants are becoming uncomfortable to wear all day at work due to my lower abdomen feeling sore if my waistband pushes into it all day. I ended up breaking down and buying a belly band and a couple maternity pants to wear later on.

Week 8:
Best part of the week: Definitely having our first ultrasound! Being able to finally see the little baby that we had been talking about for over a month and have it all seem more real was amazing! This week we also told Dan's mom our news which was really fun and exciting.

Feeling. . . seems like I was even more tired this week. Each night by 7:30 I was ready to jump in bed and call it a night and every morning no matter how much sleep I got I could have used more! The nausea came and went, but seemed to help if I just kept my stomach full.

Week 9: 
Best part of the week: Having our first appointment with my Doctor and finding out that everything was fine. While I was fairly sure everything was still going well, it is always nice to hear that from the doctor.

Feeling . . . Exhausted and still nauseous some of the time. I also got my flu show this week and ended up having a reaction to it which made me feel a little crappy for a few days this week.

(Found Here)  
Week 10: 
Best part of the week: Telling our friends our news. We waited until Dan's birthday party and had him wear a New Dad T-shirt. The look on one of our friend's faces who noticed his shirt first was perfect! We had been waiting so long to tell people, and to be able to share the news with all of our closest friends in one spot was so much fun!

Feeling . . . Really tired! But I am finally able to sleep a bit better at night which is helping.  It's a wonder I am able to stay awake at work in the afternoons.

Week 11: 
Best part of the week: Getting to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time! My good friend who just had twins 6 months ago offered to let me borrow her fetal doppler so we were able to be at home just the two of us to hear the heartbeat the first time. It was the best sound I've ever heard!

Feeling . . . this week I ended up coming down with a cold that left me even more exhausted than ever! By the end of the week I was finally starting to get over it, but still very ready to get past the exhaustion that I hear gets better after 14 weeks (crossing my fingers). Still getting up at least once if not twice to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but feeling like I'm getting better sleep while I am in bed. I am noticing that I am starting to get headaches in the evenings, but not sure how much of that is related to hormones and how much is from my cold.

Week 12: 
Best part of the week: Getting to finally share our news with everyone.

Feeling . . . A little less tired, but definitely worn out by the end of the work week. Feel a little nauseous in the morning but overall feeling more like myself and able to eat more foods again. Definitely feeling like my stomach is getting bigger, feeling like it's tightening like things are expanding and moving around.

Well if you made it to the end of this post, you get a gold star or a pat on the back, whichever you would like to reward yourself with! I'm so excited to be able to document this journey, and hope that some others find some of these posts useful as well.
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The Day That Changed Our Lives

Monday, February 16, 2015

You know how some people say that everything happens at once . . . well in our case it definitely did. In a matter of 16 hours, our entire life completely changed. If I hadn't lived through the most exciting/overwhelming day myself, I definitely wouldn't be able to comprehend the emotions and thoughts I would have on a day like that. So starting at 4am finding out that I was pregnant, to 7pm where we were given the official okay that we could move in to our new house, in one day everything flipped turned upside down (you can thank me later for getting the Fresh Prince song stuck in your head).

We were driving home from Zoolights with friends and their new baby and I wasn't feeling good, but I was a little apprehensive to ask Dan to stop at the store to get a pregnancy test. I had it in my head that it would be so fun to surprise him. I had planned it all out for months. I would make him go take some photos with me and bring my tripod. I'd set the timer, get one of the two of us, then the next one I would turn on video and tape his reaction when I told him he was going to be a Dad. Great plan in theory, but it would be pointless if I asked him to stop at the store with me. But I can't keep anything from him, and I had to know. So we stopped at the store, got the test, and when we got home our roommates were home and I didn't want to have to act all happy in front of them when the test was negative again and I didn't want to let Dan down so we just went to bed and I tried to forget about the test.

The next morning I was up at 3:30 and had to pee really bad. I knew that it's best to take the test in the morning, so I figured it was morning and what better time than now. So there I was in the bathroom at 3:30 in the morning, taking a pregnancy test. All I could do was sit there and stare at that window watching the time tracker slowly inch its way across the screen and then there it was. PREGNANT. I was shocked. While I felt different and a little off, I figured I was just over analyzing it. All I could do was sit there and stare for a few minutes with tears running down my face thinking of how I was going to tell Dan.

I tiptoed back to bed and tried to fall back asleep. Clearly there was WAY too much going through my head to sleep! Not only did I just find out I was pregnant, but this was also the day we were supposed to hopefully get the keys to our new home. Talk about a big day! I laid there for 4 hours, browsing pinterest for baby ideas, downloading pregnancy apps on my phone, and trying to roll around and move as much as possible to wake Dan up so I could tell him our exciting news! By 7:30 I couldn't wait any longer and as we were laying in bed talking, I told him we were pregnant. Not at all what I had planned out in my head, but perfect none the less. The smile on his face said it all. We laid in bed smiling and saying very little for a few minutes, but the happiness we both felt was undeniable.

I've read other blogs that talk about how you should never have to go to work the day you find out your pregnant, and I absolutely agree. Between that and the anxiousness of finding out if we could move in to our new house or not, I'm fairly certain I was pretty unproductive. The rest of the day seems like a complete blur. I felt overwhelmed, excited, shocked, and a little numb. With so many emotions and two of the biggest things you ever do in your life happening on the same day, I wasn't even sure how to feel!

Ever since we got married (and even before), people have been asking us when we would start a family, but I truly believe that timing is different for everyone. I'm thankful for the 4 and a half years we spent as a married couple and the memories and adventures we shared during that time. And I am even more thankful for the new adventure we are about the embark on because of that time.
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A Mushy Valentine Tell All

Friday, February 13, 2015

We all know that Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. I feel like I was meant to love February 14th. It's the day I was officially adopted (read all about it HERE) . And my maiden name was Hart so how could I not love a day that has been celebrated my entire life. So when I saw that Erin was hosting another Blogmopolitan Quiz and it was Valentines Day related, I had to join in! Here's my mushy answers :)

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The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Thursday, February 12, 2015

You might be thinking, wow isn't she a little late on Christmas posts, but this is something I've been waiting to post for a while. I've let a select few in on my secret, but have been keeping it fairly quiet till today. This past December just a day before my birthday and a week before Christmas, Dan and I got the best gift ever, our new home. But you already knew about our new house . . . . what you didn't know is that the very same day that we got the keys to our new home, we also found out this . . .

We are so thrilled that come August our family will be growing! And I am so excited that I can finally share our exciting news with all of you. Please bare with me the next week or so with all my catch up posts I've been dying to update you with for weeks! I guess that explains my blogging absence a little. Between not having internet at home, feeling exhausted all the time, and feeling like the only thing I wanted to blog about was our little secret, this space has been a bit empty lately. I'm finally feel a little over the morning all day sickness, and we finally have internet again, so I promise to be back to my regular blogging schedule, especially now that I can fill you in on everything!

I did just want to say that for all of you still trying, or thinking of trying, or wondering when the right time is, I will be thinking of you. While we are very excited to finally be in this place in our lives, I have been on the other side for a while and don't want anyone to ever feel left out or upset because of where other's are.
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Valentines Sweetness In A Jar

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

If you've been around this blog very long, you've probably realized that I love holidays, and that includes any and all holidays. You may have also heard me talk about some of my amazing friends, who are more like family. One of the reasons I love any holiday so much is because I love any reason to celebrate, and especially any reason to make someone's day.

I posted last year about why Valentine's Day or February 14th to be more exact is such an important day in my life. (You can read about that HERE). Some of my friends have been through many valentine's days in my life, and always remember to send me a card or a text or even flowers to let me know they are thinking of me on this special day. So aside from all the haters who just think it's a Hallmark Holiday, I will take any reason to celebrate and do something special for those amazing friends. So I decided it would be fun to put together a Valentines Jar to leave on their front porch, and figured a few of you might like to do the same.

So here's what I included:
Valentines Themed Pencils
Pink Chapstick
Pink Lip Gloss
Pink Nail Polish
A Nail File

I wandered around Target in search of fun pink and red items to fill my mason jar and finished them off with a red polka dot tag and some pink ribbon and left them on a couple friends' door steps for a fun surprise when they got home. It doesn't take much to brighten someone's day & I know I always love little surprises so what a fun way to do that for a friend!

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