Health, Love & Fire: March 2015

Oh you're married to a firefighter?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ever since meeting Dan and starting to date him one of the most common topics that seems to come up is about his career. Whether it's friends, family, bloggers or strangers people always seem really interested in what he does and how it affects our life together. So I decided I would answer a few questions I get most commonly on the blog.
How long has he been a fire fighter? 
Dan started in the fire service when he was in his senior year of high school. He volunteered with the department for four years. He then got a job working part-time there once he had gotten his EMT certification. And two years later after finishing his Paramedic degree he was hired full-time. So overall he has been with the same department in the fire service for 13 years.

How do you deal with his schedule? 
Honestly it was tricky at first. Being together through paramedic school which included long class days, crazy clinical rotation hours and working his part-time job on top of being on an internship at another department we barely saw each other. He was lucky enough to get a job just days after finishing his internship so we went from crazy hours to a very different schedule than I was used to. He works 24 hour shifts and so he will work one full day and then have two full days off. This schedule is nice when you want to take vacations or if you have kids at home because he is home 2/3 of the time. It gets difficult when he works overtime shifts and is gone 48-72 hours at a time. It took some getting used to at first, but while it is difficult since our schedules are so opposite, it has just become the norm and something we are fairly used to.

Don't you worry all the time when he goes on a fire? 
Honestly, I used to. Dan has always been really great about trying to text or call when he can to let me know if he is on a fire and that he's alright. When we first started dating, it was tough to have a date night all planned and then not hear from him for hours hoping he was alright. Fire calls can be anywhere from a short scene check to hours and hours away from the station. After being together 9 years, I definitely still get worried when I know he's on a fire, but he's really great about contacting me if he can and letting me know where he's at or how long he will hopefully be. You just sort of get to the point where you can't worry all day every day that he's gone or you would go crazy. I always make it a point to tell him to be safe before he leaves for shift in the morning, and if he's working an extra shift I make sure to tell him that on the phone in the beginning of the day.

What do they do all day waiting for fire calls? 
His department does more than just fire calls, they also run an ambulance service so they respond to all fire and medical calls in their district. Between and average of 8-12 calls a day and the normal station duties, most of them have their own tasks and jobs they are responsible for at the station so they keep very busy. Most nights when I am getting ready for bed, Dan's still working on miscellaneous projects he is in charge of, including their Pancake Breakfast fundraiser in May.

How could you marry a firefighter? I could never do it. 
I honestly hear this comment a lot, even from people who are around the fire service and I just find it strange. I'm sure wives in the military or police family get the same sorts of remarks, but I didn't choose the person I fell in love with based on their career. Is it nerve wracking to have your spouse in dangerous situations? Yes. Is it tough to not have every holiday together? Yes. Does it make me worry when he tells me he's on a house fire? Of course. Would I change who I married to not have to deal with those things? Never. I married Dan because I love him, and I would love him no matter his career choice. (Well maybe not a bank robber or something). Yes having a spouse who's in the fire service creates a different schedule and lifestyle, but it's also a blessing. Most of our closest friends are somehow tied to the fire service, and knowing that we have a second family to turn to in times of need is amazing.

Does he have any single friends?
Between people wanting to know if I can set them up with any single fire fighter to people assuming that all firemen know each other it's funny how interested people are in firefighters, yet at the same time wonder how I could be married to one.

So there you have it, some answers to commonly asked questions. Anything else you want to know? Shoot your questions my way and I'll do my best to explain it from our perspective.

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And the weeks just keep flying by

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm still trying to get used to doing these bump dates and weekly posts and after doing a couple of them in the sort of "standard" format, I decided it just wasn't me. So you'll still get some updates, but just a little more "me" version of them.

I feel like the weeks have been going by really quickly lately. I was 18 weeks yesterday and I still can't believe it. Up until 13 weeks I just kept counting down till we could tell everyone and until we were in the 2nd trimester, but now that we've reached those mile stones, the weeks don't seem to take as long to pass. Although it could be April 12th tomorrow and I would be thrilled, since that's when we will find out if this little one is a boy or a girl.

I think the time has been passing a little quicker because I am starting to feel more pregnant, practically as the days pass. It's starting to get more difficult to get comfortable at night (I'm loving my body pillow) and I notice myself needing to get up from my desk more often throughout the day just to stretch a bit. But feeling more pregnant is something that made the first trimester way more difficult. When you don't look pregnant, and you can't see any bump or feel the baby kick, it's easy to wonder if everything is alright all the time. Now it's way easier to see the bump and to find the little one's heartbeat with the doppler so it all feels much more real. I still can't believe that in a little over two weeks we will know what we're having, but I couldn't be more excited. It's getting more and more difficult to walk through the store and not want to buy all the little girl or little boy clothes I can find. Dan is in trouble once we know what this baby is! If you feel like guessing too, make sure you check out the survey on the right side of my page under my photo to make your guess!

I've been spending lots of time on pinterest trying to come up with ideas for our reveal party. We decided that we would find out what we are having with our family and close friends. So even though our ultrasound is Friday April 10th, we will wait to find out until Sunday the 12th with our family. My mom thinks I'm crazy and has no idea how I'm going to be able to wait two more days, but I'm excited to all be able to find out together. We've been getting several packages a week with different items for the reveal and decor items to finish some of the rooms in the house before we find out what we're having and have to jump in to nursery planning and baby prep mode!

Other than that, life is keeping us really busy. Still trying to get the house all put together before the party and start thinking about the nursery and registries and all that goes along with that. We are almost done with the back yard so I'll share some of those updates hopefully next week. With everything we have going on, it definitely helps the time pass quickly! It feels so good to be getting so much done and I'm really in disbelief that I'm almost halfway through my pregnancy already! I'm working on putting together some posts on items I've found really useful so far in my pregnancy if any other ladies would be interested, just let me know!

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Bring Back Spring Break . . . Without the Homework!

Between working at a University where nearly everyone is out this week to seeing my news feed on every social media platform where everyone and their grandmother is on spring break this week, it really makes me miss the days where you got a week or two off to go somewhere warm and come back with a tan and fun stories. So while I sit at work all week with very few visitors and my coworker and everyone else is enjoying their spring trip, I figured I would look back on some of my past spring break trips to make me feel a little less sad about my week.

This was the first spring break of college and the first spring Dan and I were together. We rented a house at the beach for a week with my family and enjoyed lots of walks, laughs and games together. While it wasn't necessarily warm or the type of beach where you can work on your tan, it was a really fun trip together. We still all talk about trying to go back to that same house sometime, so clearly 8 years later we all really enjoyed it.

We decided that we wanted to go somewhere, but couldn't go far, so another trip to the Oregon coast it was. This time we decided to check out a new town I had never been to, Astoria. This happens to be the place that the movie Goonies was filmed. Since we didn't know much about the town we enjoyed a trolly tour and a couple museums and a ship tour during our couple days away.

By this time in college I was taking 20 credits a term and definitely in need of a break. We took the entire week, drove 18 hours to San Diego and enjoyed a 5 day cruise to Cabo. Besides the ridiculous amount of time in the car, I really enjoyed my first cruise and our second trip to Cabo San Lucas.

This was my final year in college, so to celebrate nearly being done I took a girls trip to Vegas with two friends who both happened to be named Amy. It was my first time in Vegas and such a nice getaway in the sun. The main reason for the trip, besides celebrating being almost done with school was to see John Mayer and Keith Urban in concert together. Between the fun concert, sight seeing, tasty drinks and time by the pool it was a fun girls getaway!

While I wouldn't want to go back to college with all the homework, studying and class time, I definitely miss that week off and of course summer break when I'm around students all day long. But I'll just continue to look forward to our Vegas Babymoon planning for May. I just hope time passes quickly between now and then or you may find me spending lots of time looking back on these photos with a glass of wine sparkling cider in my hand! Where were your favorite spring break trips to?
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Spending All My Money . . . And Some For You - Gender Reveal Ideas

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

As I get closer and close to that 20 week mark in the pregnancy it all starts to become more real. I still can't believe that in two and a half weeks we will know if this little peanut it a boy or a girl. It's been a struggle to walk through any store Target and not purchase every adorable baby item they have. But until I know whether I should be buying firefighter outfits or princess dresses, I'll stick to just window shopping. But let's be honest, no matter if this little one is a boy or a girl, they are definitely going to get some fire themed items. #firewifefirelife 

We decided that we wanted to find out what we were having with our closest friends and family. Even though our ultrasound is Friday April 10th, we will be waiting to find out with everyone until Sunday the 12th, thanks a lot fireman who has to work on Saturday! I can hold out one more day . . . I just need to keep telling myself that. 

So to keep myself from buying endless amounts of adorable baby clothes, I'm just buying stuff for our gender reveal instead. At least I held back in one area! I'm hoping to use some of the same decorations that I used last year for our friend's gender reveal we hosted, but add a few new touches as well. 

We decided on this invite from SunshineParties because we felt like it fit our love for mason jars and overall style perfectly! I'm going for a sort of rustic, blue and pink and springy feel for the party. I don't want to buy a ton of items that can't be used again and since it's a lunch time get together, we are going for a BBQ casual atmosphere. Here's my inspiration board for the party, most of it can be found on Pinterest, but pictures are so much more fun . . . 

Cowboy & Cowgirl Cookie Gifts - I love the idea of having a party favor to give everyone and this idea just seemed so cute to me. I love mason jars and incorporated them into the invite, so this may just be the favor we use at the party. 

Doughnut Holes - I mean what pregnant gal doesn't love a reason to have a doughnut! 

Rustic Blue and Pink party decor will hopefully add to the celebration but still fit in with the rest of the house and not feel TOO much like a baby shower.

The Best Punch Recipe Ever - I have been dying to try this ever since I pinned it, so I'm hoping it's a hit with our guests.

Flower Mason Jar Lids - These we used at Molly Mesnick's 2nd birthday party for her daughter and I just loved the look so I bought these on Amazon to add to the mason jar theme.

Watermelon - I've always loved melon and have been known to eat and entire one in a sitting, and being pregnant has only added to my fruit addiction so having a fun fruit display not only pleases my tummy but hopefully our guests as well! 

I made both the chalkboard prints myself on PicMonkey and had them printed on a poster board through Walgreens. I'm hoping it will be a fun addition to let people guess whether they think Baby Boyes is a boy or girl. 

So while I'm going broke over here trying to plan the perfect party . . . I figured it was as good a time as any to offer you a hefty amount of cash. Makes sense right? 

hefty to the tune of $170 in PayPal cash. you bet. 

oh! and i bet you couldn't help but notice all the snazzy ladies who brought you the giveaway.

pretty enough to be princesses...that's all i'm saying.

do your thing. check the gal-faces out. find a new blog or seven. get entered. good luck!
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is a group giveaway your thing? please feel free to get yourself in on that action...let september farm be your vehicle! check out my ad spaces!

happy wednesday!

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Spring Beach Getaway

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One of my favorite reasons for loving where we live is the fact that it only takes us about an hour and 15 minutes to get from our house to the beach! And the Oregon coast on a gorgeous spring or summer day just can't be beat (unless you're talking about Hawaii or St Thomas or something, then maybe you'll give it a run for its money). We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy Dan's parent's beach house in Lincoln City nearly any time we want. We truly don't utilize this amenity enough! We headed out Friday afternoon after work and got there in time for a walk on the beach with Cooper. The beach is his favorite place in the world, and because of this, he demands whines to get several walks or beach time a day when we are there. We had a low key evening on Friday, which included a walk around the outlet mall and a stop for happy hour before spending the rest of the night at the house watching TV and going to bed early.

Saturday we got up early and took Cooper for his obligatory morning walk on the beach. On our way back to get ready we stopped for some doughnuts and headed back to the house. We had talked to my dad earlier in the week and convinced him to meet us at a beach a few miles from the beach house for lunch Saturday so we met him, walked for a while, explored the sand dunes and enjoyed a yummy lunch together! Saturday evening we got to do one of my favorite things, play Bingo!

Sunday we took our time getting up, took cooper for a walk on the beach, grabbed lunch and headed home early to beat the traffic. Even just the 48 hours away was so nice and refreshing! Of course Sunday night I came down with the stomach flu, but it didn't cloud the 2 nights away with my two favorite guys! Below are some pictures of some of the gorgeous weather we got to enjoy at the coast!

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Baby Boyes - 15 & 16 weeks

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 15

How far along? 15 weeks - I really can't believe how fast time is flying by! 

Size of the baby: A naval orange

Movement: none yet

Gender: Will find out on April 12th at our Gender reveal

Total Weight Gain: about 4 pounds

Maternity Clothes? Jeans and work pants just cause they are way more comfortable, but still wearing all regular tops. 

Sleep: sleeping better & not having to get up in the middle of the night as much which I'm loving! 

Best moment this week: starting to tell more people at work. 

Worst moment this week: it was a really long week at work so by the time the weekend hit I was definitely ready for a break! 

Miss anything? Being able to eat more seafood & sushi! 

Cravings: I'm definitely noticing I am starting to crave more sweets! 

Workouts: Went for 5 walks and spent quite a bit of time enjoying the gorgeous weather we've been having! 

Symptoms: some back pain, a little stretching of my stomach, other than that . . . pretty great! 

Looking forward to: finding out what we are having & going to the beach this weekend! 

Other Pregnancy Posts: Our Announcement  . . .  Weeks 4-12, Week 13 & 14

Week 16! 
How far along? 16 weeks

Size of the baby: A little avocado - although it also says the baby should be about 5 inches, and I'm not sure I've ever had a 5 inch avocado. 

Movement: none yet, but starting to feel some bubbles and wondering if it's our little one. 

Gender: Will find out on April 12th at our Gender reveal

Total Weight Gain: about 3 pounds - I lost some from being so sick with the stomach flu this week

Maternity Clothes? Still just  pants. After being sick for a few days, I lost a little weight and the bump went away a little.

Sleep: Feeling more uncomfortable and having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night. 

Best moment this week: Working on planning more of our gender reveal.

Worst moment this week: Getting the stomach flu

Miss anything? Not feeling so nauseous and being able to take good meds when sick

Cravings: Nothing really - haven't had much of an appetite this week

Workouts: we went for lots of walks while at the beach, but once I got sick I haven't felt like doing much of anything. 

Symptoms: Still just trying to get over this flu bug.

Looking forward to: Finding out what this little one is and picking stuff out for our nursery - poor dan, I'm already starting lots of to do lists for the house & feel like I'm starting to nest already, but I sort of do that normally too. 

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Backyard Shenanigans - Yard, Garden & Patio Show

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I was so proud of myself this past weekend, because I finally got out of whatever slump or mood I was in and actually took some photos on my weekend excursions, with the intention of blogging about it. Shocking, I know! For some reason over the holidays between the new house, finding out we were expecting and the little blogging break I took, I forgot that in order to actually have something to blog about, you should probably snap some photos! So that's exactly what I did.

One of the great things about buying a brand new home is just that, everything's brand new. So in theory there should be very few honey-do lists or house projects to complete, at least for a little while. All true, except for when it comes to the yard. With both our last house and our new one, the backyard is something we've been left to do. The last yard became a summer long project which included building a 50 foot retaining wall, hauling in yard after yard of gravel and dirt, building a fence, laying sod and planting trees and plants. So hundreds upon hundreds of dollars later, we had a beautiful backyard to enjoy. That was, until we moved into our new house!

Thankfully this yard won't require a retaining wall and is already fenced so my bank account and back are already breathing a sigh of relief. But we do want to add some trees to create some more privacy and before we add any plants and grass we want to extend the irrigation system to add sprinklers to the backyard. Add in gravel paths on each side of the house and you get the idea of what sort of project we are looking at for the next few weeks. Dan and I have talked a lot about what ideas and vision we each had for the backyard, but walking around garden stores only provides so much inspiration. So when Dan noticed the Yard, Garden & Patio show was in town this weekend, it seemed like the perfect place to get us started.

We started the show by walking through all the different vendor booths. You could find anything from plants and trees to wine tasting and hot tubs. Anything and everything you can think of to decorate or enjoy your backyard was there. I held back on buying anything just yet for the patio or yard till we have a real idea of what we're going to do, and also till I have some place to put it, but I got some great ideas and cards of shops and nurseries I'll definitely be visiting again!

I'd say the show consisted of mostly yard and patio vendors, but one of my favorite parts were the showcase gardens. There were 7 different local landscapers there with their own showcase garden. Each one allowed you to walk through, find the names of the specific plants and trees they used in their display and get an idea of landscaping and design solutions for your backyard. While some either were out of our budget or just not the exact look we were going for, it was a great way to talk through and find ideas that we could incorporate into our own design. I snapped photos on my phone of some of our favorite plants and trees and wrote down the names of all the ideas we had to check out at local nurseries. If you're starting with a blank slate like we are or looking to redo or spruce up your yard, I highly suggest walking through these showcase gardens for ideas.
Dan and I both loved the way this looked and are hoping to recreate something similar with the trees in part of our yard! Not the retaining wall though, I'm adamant that after our last yard I will not be hauling brick after brick to the backyard! 
I need this sign in my yard!!! 
And this planter! 

We spent the rest of the afternoon at nurseries planning and purchasing with the ideas we gathered at the show. I'm really glad we were able to go to this together and put our ideas together to start the planning of our backyard. I'm hoping we can have it done by our gender reveal in April, but stay tuned to see if that happens! The hubby is already hard at work on the yard this week. So far we have purchased all the equipment (or so we think) for the irrigation and several plants and trees that are scattered throughout the yard till we decided their perfect location. I can't wait till it's all finished and we can enjoy our backyard and covered patio all summer with friends and family! I'll update you all along the way, so check back here or on my Instagram for our backyard shenanigans. Where do you get your landscaping ideas? What's your favorite part of your yard?
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Thin Mints, Polka Dots & The Bachelor - Some of My Monthly Favorites

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I always have the best of intentions when it comes to linking up for my monthly favorites, but usually find myself reading everyone else's favorites while this space sits blank. Well not this month! I actually got my act in gear and put together some of my favorite things from February! So without further ado here we go . . .

The Bachelor: Between the drama filled episodes and the fact that I've had about as much ambition and energy as a sloth the past few weeks I have definitely looked forward to Monday nights (or let's be honest, Tuesday nights cause this girl can't stay up till 10 on a work night).

Nike Free 4.0: In an effort to combat my lack of motivation, these shoes have been great for my walks around the neighborhood. While they aren't my chosen running shoes, I love them for walking or everyday comfort shoes. I've been trying to get in at least 10 miles a week, if not more, and these are perfect for that! I even have them in three colors, that's how much I love them!

Vitamin E Moisturizer: I know I've reviewed this before Here for my post on different masks and skin care products, but it is my go-to for when this winter air drys out my skin! I use this after my showers and every morning before I put my make up on. A little goes a long way, which I love, even though it's super reasonable at just $17!

Girl Scout Cookies: Unless you've been living under a rock, or stuck inside you house, I'm sure you've realized its cookie time! If you drive by our local Girl Scout office it even says that in its windows. I broke down this year and ordered from one of Dan's coworkers, but I blame it on the pregnancy cravings. I knew I would either buy from a friend or from the cute girl in the grocery store (who I still might buy more from) so I figured I'd help out a friend. I've been good and only consumed one sleeve of Thin Mints so far. I call that a success! But don't worry, I have three more boxes of them waiting to go in to the freezer once I finish the next sleeve. If you haven't tried Thin Mints out of the freezer, you're missing out!

Gold Polka Dot Vinyl Circles: I've been eyeing and pinning tons of home decor inspiration using vinyl for months, and I am so excited to finally have some of my own. I just finished the corner of gold polka dots for my office this weekend and I can't wait to share them with you. The office may have turned out a little more feminine that I was initially going for, but I totally love it!

Laser Star Projector: I got this as a gift from my Mom a week or so ago and I LOVE it. I'm one of those people who has always needed a night light to fall asleep (or an episode of Friends on the TV). This thing is amazing! It projects stars and clouds on to my ceiling literally making me feel like I'm camping outside. I could lay and stare at it all for hours, which maybe doesn't help with getting more sleep. It has a timer, so I can turn it on when I get in bed and it will automatically shut off in 4 hours. Who wouldn't love to fall asleep with their ceiling looking like this?


I'm so glad I finally got around to linking up with Mia this month. Hop on over to her blog and check out some other lovely blogs and their monthly favorites!

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