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Harper - 5 Month Update

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Harper at five months 
Eventually I will get these up closer to the actual month mark, but it's only been two weeks so I'll consider that a win this month! She's still growing like a weed! She's in 6 month clothes still but almost ready to move into some 9 month! Girlfriend needs to stop getting so big! I'm guessing she's probably around 16 and a half pounds, but won't know exact measurements till her 6 month check up next month. 

What's New
She's rolling all over the place! I literally can't put her down in one
place because she's rolling and turning constantly! She's also really starting to love being in her bouncer and just in the last few days has figured out how to turn the seat all the way around to look at and play with everything. She's also starting to grasp things and really figure out where her hands are and what they can do (besides just being good to put in her mouth). She also started eating some food this month and is slowly figuring that out. I say this every month, but I am just so amazed at how much she is constantly changing and learning something new! 

She loves being outside or looking out the window. She also loves to be standing (with help obviously). This month we tried her out sitting in her high chair and she really likes to be able to watch us cook or sit up and look at everything. She's starting to notice and love the pets even more! Anytime Cooper (the dog) walks by she stops and watches whatever he's doing. I'm sure once she's mobile the two of them will become fast friends. 
She started trying solids this month and is slowly getting the hang of it! She's still breastfeeding when I'm home and taking a bottle during the day while I'm at work. We've had to supplement formula once or twice a day just to keep up with my supply and her demand but it's all still going well. 
She's still sleeping in her own room which has been so nice to have our room back. I love being with her all the time but have also loved to have some time in the evenings where we can catch up on shows or just chat before bed about our day. We started a more set bedtime routine this month and it has been working out really well. She takes a bath around 7, then we get her dressed in her sleeper and she eats one last time, then we read her a book and put her to bed. We are still working on the crib transition but wanted to get her used to her routine and putting herself to sleep first and then we will move her to her crib. Right now she's sleeping in the rock and play in her room. She's been doing great in there and for the most part sleeps through the night. 

Photos from this month 
We celebrated her first Christmas 
She still has her Mimi & Poppy wrapped around her finger! 

She saw snow for the first time! 
And we celebrated NYE with some of our favorite friends! 


  1. She's such a doll! Glad she's sleeping well! Hopefully the crib transition will work well. Those Rock n' Plays are awesome! I get them for friends if they have baby showers (even if they haven't registered for them). They end up loving it and it really comes in handy!