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New Years New Goals . . . . And New Things To Spend Money On

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I have never really been one of those people who has a new years resolution this year. Maybe it's because I know myself pretty well, and well I'm not the greatest at keeping said resolutions. I have a tendency to over plan and set goals that are WAY too high and basically unachievable and then I get upset when I don't meet those goals. See . . . I'm great at resolutions.

And this year was going to be the same as in past years, I wasn't going to make any resolutions. But then one after the other, goals keep popping up in my head. . . .

I want to make more time for myself to be active
I want to focus more time on my blog and on my etsy shop
I want to cut back one day at work to be home more with Harper
I want to win the power ball

Okay, maybe that last one wasn't really a goal, but the rest of them are. Having a new baby in your life is a huge adjustment, and so is going back to work after having the baby. Throw in there lots of changes with my husband's job coming up in the near future and the crazy life of being married to a firefighter when things aren't changing and things can get a little hectic around our house.

But now that Harper is 5 months old (i promise i'll get her 5 month update posted sometime before she's 6, not 6 months, but 6) and I'm getting in to my new work schedule, it's time to work on some of those resolutions.

So while I'm over here planning out my days, trying to be more meaningful with my time, and figuring out how to fit in my goals, what are your resolutions or goals for the new year?

Maybe some money would help you achieve your goals. Maybe you want new workout gear, or healthy food, or what about throwing some dough into your blog - like a new design or sponsoring your favorite blogger.

options, people. with $250 have options.

you know the drill.

1 | check out all the WONDERFUL women below who brought you this great giveaway! you'll find some new great reads // pinterest boards // instagram accounts // etsy shops...lots of goodies.

2 | get yourself entered below via rafflecopter.

3 | cross your fingers and toes!
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and lastly, i'd love to hear how you balance it all and what some of your goals and resolutions are for the new year! Help this new-mom and working mom out!


  1. This sort of killed 2 birds with one stone for me: Have a chance to win some cash AND discover blogs I didn't already know about. BIG FAN! :)

  2. woot woot!! giveaway and new blog friends for the win! :)

  3. I'd use it to pay for a gym membership or give it to my husband so he can buy my birthday present :)

  4. Oh how I wanted to win that powerball lol. I have quite a few goals or resolutions, but one of them is to get a new blog design if I can!

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