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3 Things Update

Friday, February 19, 2016

1 Saturday we took Harper to the zoo for the first time in a while, and definitely the first time when she was actually able to notice all the animals and everything around her. Basically she was still more interested in the trees and ponds than the animals, but it was a fun family outing and a nice way to get outside before the rain started later in the day.
2 She's working hard on sitting up, and definitely more and more interested in everything around her! We go for her 6 month well check on Monday and I'm excited to hear what the pediatrician has to say about her growth and what new milestones she'll hit next.

3 We are trying to make the crib transition . . . wish us luck! Dan took an extra day off to spend the weekend with us and also to be there in case any of our nights go less than stellar. Here's to hoping it's going to go better than we anticipate!
1 Work for him has been pretty crazy! There's lots of changes happening with his department and on top of that he's studying for an upcoming lieutenants test so work is definitely keeping him occupied!

2 We have plans to go wine tasting this weekend, which we always love . . . Did you guys see Dan's guest post from earlier this week about his time working harvest at one of our favorite Oregon wineries?

3 We've been working hard to clean out some of the clutter, especially the garage and this week we got the opportunity to do that. Unfortunately while trying to do that Mr Fireman fell off a ladder  . . . . thankfully he was fine aside from a couple bruises and some scrapes but I think he reminded him to be more careful sometimes too!

1 Have you all noticed my new blog design including new pages & all the new pretty features? I'm pretty much in love and almost squeal every time I look at it!! I'm really excited to start focusing even more on my blog. . . . I feel like I took some time off after I had Harper and had a tough time getting back in the swing of it all, but finally feel like I've found my stride. What sorts of posts would you like to see more of? Everyday life? Oregon travel? Home decor? Blogging tips? I'd love to hear what you'd enjoy reading!

2 Work has been really crazy for me these last couple weeks too, so between that and trying to redo my blog and keep up with my posts and just live life, I've felt a little worn out. I'm excited to have so relaxing plans this weekend and Dan off an extra day to spend time with! I see some wine tasting and maybe a nap in my future!

3 Yesterday was national wine drinking day . . . Normally I'm not in to all of these random holidays, but that is definitely one I could jump on board with. I definitely enjoyed a glass last night . . . and probably will the rest of the weekend!