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Harper - 6 Months

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Harper at 6 Months
I seriously feel like I blinked and she's half a year old! Every week she is learning something new and changing! I really can't believe she's already 6 months old! She has her 6 month checkup in a week and a half, but because she was sick this past weekend we went to the doctor on Monday. She got weighed but I'm not sure of her height and percentiles but I know she weighs just over 16 and a half pounds! Girlfriend likes to eat! Being her mom is truly one of the best things I've ever done and I am so excited for the adventures and memories we have in store for us!

What's New 
Harper is on the move! Not only is she rolling over, but she's starting to roll to get places she wants to be. We haven't started crawling yet but she's pushing herself up and I really don't think it will be long before she's on the move. This month she started really loving and bouncing all over the place in her bouncer. She's trying hard to sit up on her own and is getting there! This month you can tell she's starting to recognize people, especially the ones she sees most often.

She loves her mama which makes my heart melt! She also loves to watch the pets and follow them around with her eyes! I know once she's really mobile that they are in for a treat! I can already tell by the way she watches their tails that they aren't going to love it when she's walking and chasing after them!

She's eating solids twice a day and is loving it! The rest of the day she switches between breastmilk and formula. Since working out again and going back to work my supply is definitely not the same, but I've come to the realization we just have to do what's best for us. She's starting to really like her highchair and especially when it's at the dinner table and she gets to eat at the same time we do. She is always watching what we are eating or drinking and I think before long we aren't going to be able to do either in front of her without her wanting something too!

This next month we have a crib transition planned out. Dans taking a shift or two off to be around in case she's more fussy and just to be there for moral support for me. She was sick off and on this month so the transition didn't happen, but we're on the mend and hoping to switch her over in a couple weeks! I was so hard on myself for a while about getting her moved to her crib but like all things in parenthood it needs to be what works for us and hopefully it will work for us in a couple weeks! Fingers crossed please :)

Photos from this month


  1. My little girl is 4.5 months and already showing interest in our food! I was just eating my lunch while trying to feed her a bottle, and she wouldn't do anything but whip her head around and stare at me eating haha. I have to go out of town to work for about 6 weeks and am taking her with me. I think we'll start solids when we get back. We'll also be transitioning to her crib then too. Ahh! So much growing up all at once. Harper's too cute :)

  2. So cute! I hope the transition goes well for you- our 9mo old slept in our room the fire night home and then he was happier in his crib from then on out

  3. Good luck with the transition! We moved my Harper into her room at 6 months-definitely harder on me than on her! You may very well enjoy your own space and sanity again, though! :) Hope it goes well!

  4. These updates always make me smile! Harper is such a cutie pie :) Can't believe she's half a year old!!

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  5. oh my goodness! The picture where she's in her car seat, the one right about the sunglasses one - she is your husbands TWIN! Their eyes are identical! <3