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New Easter Traditions

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Our Easter weekend was low-key and filled with lots of time just the three of us, which was exactly what I was hoping for!
I was able to get off early from work since it was our school's spring break and work was pretty slow so I got to enjoy a nice afternoon walk with Dan and Harper, followed by dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant.
The Fire Department in town (the one Dan works at) hosts an easter egg hunt every year so we met up with neighbors/fellow fire department family and walked down to the park a few blocks from our house for the egg hunt. Even though Harper couldn't walk around and pick up eggs, she still enjoyed grabbing an egg or two and putting them in her mouth. It was so fun to be able to attend an event we've been to in the past, but this year we finally got to participate with a little one. We got to see most of our fire department family including several of their spouses and children.
That evening we hosted our annual Egg Your House fundraiser where we go around after dark and put Easter eggs and people's yards for their children to find in the morning. Our fundraiser grew a lot this year and we ended up making over $700 for our Relay For Life team. Not only is it a great way to fundraise, but it's also a lot of fun and something we will definitely continue to do.
Dan got the day off from work so we all got to go to church with his mom for Easter service. Unfortunately they were doing an Easter performance and the music and costumes scared Harper so we didn't stay too long. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out around the house and spending time together. It was a really low key day, but a nice relaxing Sunday.
 The holidays really are so much more fun with Harper in our lives, especially as she grows and becomes more aware of the traditions and activities we're involved in! It makes me so excited for the summer and year ahead!


  1. OH enjoy those new Easter traditions as long as you can. They grow. My 20 and 16 year old didn't want to do anything. Sad really but is life. Show Your Blog Love

  2. Awe. I love all the family pictures. Your daughter is precious. I love that idea for a fundraiser. I might try it next year for the March of Dimes. Thank you!

  3. Your daughter is just precious! It is so important to have family time, especially during the holidays.

  4. The Egg My House idea is brilliant! So happy to hear you had a great Easter! Loving Harper in her Shy Little Kitty dress!

  5. I just can't get over how cute little lady is!!! Babies are so much fun! Libby, we are so blessed!!!

  6. Harper is so gorgeous! So nice that you had so much time together this weekend. And I love the Egg My House idea - such a great idea for a fundraiser!!