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Tuesday Ten . . . I'm On A Boat, Plane, Kayak . . .

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

10 Favorite Vacations
Since it's Tuesday, I am linking up with Karli over at September Farm with the 10 Things On Tuesday. I am definitely a fellow list gal, and been looking for a good linkup to join in on, so this is perfect!! Lately I have had traveling on my mind constantly! With everyone and their mother going on spring break (okay maybe not everyone, but it feels like it when you work in academia) it has been lusting over some travel. So I decided to share 10 of my favorite trips we've taken (in no specific order).
One: Cabo San Luca, Mexico 
This was my first trip with Dan and the first time traveling without my parents. In hind sight, I'm not sure why my parents let me travel to Mexico with my boyfriend and our friend when I was 19, but at the time it seemed like a fine idea. We stayed at the Dreams Resort in Cabo San Lucas. This is still one of my favorite trips and definitely a place I would love to go back to, especially with this view from our room!  

Two: Caribbean Cruise
This was one of our married bucket list items that we wanted to do before having kids, and we did. We've gotten the opportunity to go on many fun trips, but we both wanted to see the Caribbean before starting a family. Add in the fact that we also fit in a spring training game to watch the Braves and it was the perfect vacation!
Three: Sunriver 
This is a summer trip we've taken to central Oregon several times with family. It's a sports weekend with different races taking place each day. The entire weekend is mostly spent outdoors either running, biking, swimming or kayaking and it makes me never want to leave! Just a 3 hour drive from home, it's definitely a trip we will take again and again as Harper gets older!

Four: Las Vegas
We've traveled here several times, some times with friends and sometimes just the two of us. No matter the group, it is always such a fun place to visit, and I'm always up for a return trip! Our Babymoon, and room upgrade on that trip probably top my list for favorite visits there though!
Five: Southern California
This trip was just the two of us! We snuck in some time at Disney, a bit of exploring around San Diego and Coronado, and of course a Braves baseball game! It was nice get away just the two of us, exploring new places and getting to visit a new stadium! My goal is to try to visit all of the active baseball stadiums, with most of the games being Braves games of course :)
Six: Colorado
This was a family trip and sort of family reunion of sorts. It was a week spent with some of our favorite people getting in lots of laughs and time outdoors. I'm so excited to travel back there in a couple months to do more of the same, but this time with Harper too!

Seven: Riviera Maya, Mexico
This was our honeymoon trip, and while it definitely didn't go as planned, we still loved visiting this area!

Eight: Mexican Cruise
My last spring break of college, Dan and I drove 18 hours down to San Diego and took a cruise from there to Mexico. It was my first time on a cruise and our second trip to Cabo San Lucas. This is the only real spring break trip I ever took and definitely one to remember!

Nine: Riviera Maya, Mexico - Again
This time we traveled with our good friend, who we also went to Cabo with on our first trip to Mexico together. We stayed at The Grand Mayan, a gorgeous resort, went snorkeling, saw the ruins and just had a great time in the sun in the middle of December. The perfect winter escape!

Ten: Upstate New York
While this is probably the least glamorous of any of our top vacations, it was one of my favorites. I moved to Oregon at the beginning of my freshman year of high school so it was so fun to travel back to where I spent my first 15 years and get to show Dan around. From the food to my old schools and house, it was fun to be able to share all my memories of a place that is so special to me. Plus since I grew up just an hour from Niagara Falls, we were even able to sneak in a day trip there and a ride on the Maid of the Mist.

What are your favorite vacations or places to travel? I'm ready for my next adventure!


  1. Take me everywhere! They all look lovely!!!

  2. Hawaii, Australia and Europe have been vacation highlights for me. I am looking forward to vacationing in Alaska someday

  3. Your beach pics make me super jealous right now! My favorite places have been Phuket, Thailand....Sydney, Australia.....and my favorite: Las Vegas. :)

  4. These all look like such wonderful vacations! Anything with a beach and water is always a good time! Thank you for sharing your top 10 vacations!!

  5. Hawaii, Jamaica and Puerto Rico were fantastic vacation spots for me! I would love to visit Italy (specifically the Colosseum), Stonehenge, and Paris so I can see the Phantom of the Opera in its intended form! Of your list, Vegas and Mexico is calling my name!

  6. You have done a lot of travel. I love the Caribbean and want to go more often. We have a Napa trip scheduled this summer and I can't wait.

  7. These all look like so much fun!! My grandparents live in Upstate New York so I've been to Niagara Falls many times. It's gorgeous! But I've really never been anywhere interesting haha I've never left the east coast before. But my husband and I are planning a cruise to Bermuda this summer when he returns home from his deployment so I'm SO excited for it. I'll finally get to see somewhere new haha I'll have to add these locations to our travel bucket list.