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Grow Your Blog - Using Online Groups & Communities

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Growing your blog following and gaining readers is something many bloggers strive for. Many start out with no audience and slowly gain a following over time. But when you feel like you've reached a plateau and you want someone other than just your family members to read, it can be hard to figure out where to turn to.

One of the best sources of increased traffic and engagement I've seen on my blog is through different blogging communities. Since my blog falls under the lifestyle category and a lot of what I talk about pertains to my family, specifically motherhood, here are a few blogging communities for lifestyle bloggers and mom's to help grow your following.

Show Your Blog Love:
This Facebook group is for bloggers and other social media influencers. It's a great place to share your posts, for daily follow threads, and to share information with people similar to you. I post on this group at least 4 times a week and have seen great results in my page views and Instagram followers. The group also has a Twitter and Instagram that you should definitely be following along with as well. Request to join the group via Facebook and fill out this form  ( before officially being added and allowed to start posting.

Grow Your Blog:
This Grow Your Blog Facebook group is another group for blog growth with daily follow threads and places to promote your blog and other social media. On this group you will find daily threads for growing your audience on your Blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. You can request to be added to this group via Facebook, and once added check out the description and all the rules of the group here:

Bloggers of the PNW:
If you happen to be from the wonderful Pacific Northwest like I happen to be, this great group of bloggers have created this Bloggers of the PNW Facebook group to share posts, plan meet ups and support other bloggers from the same area. This is a smaller group, where I find more direct interaction and conversations happen on a daily basis. It's a great place to make connections and form relationships with other people in the same area of the country. If you don't happen to be from the PNW, check Facebook for other blogging Facebook groups local to where you live.

This group is Pinterest based and provides a place for you to pin posts related to parenting, mom style, kid style, family life and all things related to being a mom. This group provides a great venue to meet other contributors and share your content. You're allowed to share up to two posts a day, and with this growing group, you're sure to get your content seen.

#Blogging Like A Boss:
Another Pinterest based, #Blogging Like A Boss is a group that is open to all bloggers. The main purpose behind this group is to help other bloggers grow and share their content, and with it continuing to grow in contributors, it's a great board to be a part of. Pinterest has been such a great traffic source for so many bloggers, and we are all looking for ways to capitalize on the opportunity a platform like Pinterest has, and this is a great way to start! To join, follow & fill this form to be accepted to the group board.

Casual Parenting:
If you're a parent and a blogger, then this Facebook group is absolutely for you. It's a newer group, but Casual Parenting is almost like a support group for Moms. In just a short time since it was created by the amazing Claire from Casual Claire, this group has become a forum for mom's to talk, vent, get advice and just share all about parenting. While there aren't any follow threads or blog related posts, it's a great way to meet other parents and share thoughts and ideas.

The Stylish Mama:
Also a Facebook group for Mom's, The Stylish Mama focuses on motherhood and fashion, and while by no means am I a fashion blogger, it's a great place to meet other mom's and share thoughts and ideas. Just from being a part of this group I have seen an increase in my Instagram followers from a Follow Friday I participated in and have gotten more page views on posts after sharing with the group. You can request to be added to the group on Facebook.
What are other communities you've found helpful in growing your blog or social media reach?


  1. These are awesome groups! I'm a part of some of them and I love the community and the support. We need that as bloggers.


  2. Thanks for sharing these great groups Libby! I love using Facebook groups to promote, make relationships, and grow my traffic.

  3. I'm in two of these groups and have a question. As someone newly moved to the states what defines someone as PNW??

  4. Thank you for this list! I am part of a few of these actually but there are a couple other I am going to check out!

  5. Thank you!! I am part of a couple of these bit have been wanting to up my Pinterest game lately.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing my Pinterest group board :)
    I appreciate it and hope you're enjoying it!

    xoxo, Jenny

  7. I love posts like these! Thanks for sharing the groups you are apart of :)

  8. Thanks for the great post. With some of the communities I am familiar and some are new to me. I've just joined The Stylish Mama, looks like a fun community to be a part of:)

  9. What a great roundup! Thanks for sharing these!

  10. I've seen the largest bump in my traffic and engagement thanks to becoming part of some of these (and other) Facebook groups. I had no idea how impactful they would be!

  11. Awesome post!! I joined the PNW group, thanks for the tip :)

  12. Thanks for sharing about the PNW group! We're always looking for more PNW bloggers to join! <3

  13. Thanks! Just joined some of these!


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