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Mom Chats - What You Really Need For A New Baby

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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What You Really Need For A New Baby
We are in this really fun season of life where so many of our friends are either new parents or expecting their first children. Even my blogging feed is filled with fellow new moms and expecting mamas. As new parents ourselves, it's nice to have people who are close to you going through the same experiences you are. Whether it's text messages in the middle of the night with random questions or playdates at the park, it's so comforting to have people who get what you're going through. 

One of the things my best girlfriends did for me while I was pregnant was to help me figure out what I needed for our new baby. Looking at lists of registries and all the posts and Pinterest pins on things you can register for is so overwhelming. I remember sitting on my couch just staring at my computer wondering which baby item to start researching first because there are just so many to choose from. What crib do we buy? How many onesies do I need? What brand of diaper is best? You can question everything! And trust me, I did! 

So how do you decide what you really need and what do you actually buy in preparation for baby? Thankfully my girlfriends helped me out and sent me a list of things they used most often and sent me to Target, where I could find everything I needed. So in case you don't have friends like me who had just recently had kids, here are my new baby must haves for your first 6 months.

Sleepers - This is pretty much all Harper lived in for the first month or so of her life, especially the ones that have the hand covers. She would never wear the mittens you can get so that babies don't scratch her face, but the sleepers with hand covers that fold over worked perfectly! 

Playtex VentAire Bottles - While we didn't use these for the first couple weeks, after the first month, these bottles became my best friend! I was able to pump throughout the day to provide enough milk to make a bottle for one of the middle of the night feedings. Being able to sleep through one feeding and let my husband feed Harper was a game changer! We still use the Playtex bottles, we've just moved up to the Playtex VentAire Wide Bottle 9oz. Being that Harper has a fussy stomach already, it was important to us to find a bottle that wouldn't make things worse. The Playtext VentAire Wide Bottle is built in a way that creates fewer air bubbles so it upsets her stomach less. The design of the bottle also mimics breastfeeding which made for a smooth transition to bottle feeding. Our little one is quite the eater and never skips a meal, so having the option to use a bottle that not only helped her stomach but that she transitioned to easily made a huge difference. 

As a new mom, I worried about doing all the right things for Harper, and I worried initially about giving her a bottle at all. But after talking it over with our doctor, we decided to give bottle feeding a try. Playtex Bottles helped ease my mind and my worry and also provided this busy new Mom with a break! After getting her used to bottle feeding from time to time, I felt like a new mom and a new person. Sleeping through one extra wake up a night made my stress and exhaustion level go down immediately and I felt like I was able to be a better mom, and a more cheerful one for my new baby and for my husband and visitors too. When it was time for me to go back to work, I didn't have to worry about whether or not she'd eat well while I was gone because we had already started introducing bottles earlier. We still use these bottles for her feedings and love that even though she's getting bigger, I've found something that has worked for so many months! 
Burp Cloths - I really wanted to make something for our new little girl before she was born that could be used often, and since I'm no quilter and a friend of ours was already making her one, I decided to make some burp cloths. Honestly, if there's one item we used more than anything else it has been these! You can buy them at the store or make them yourself, but either way, they have been the biggest clothing lifesaver, especially if you're baby is anything like Harper and is spitty all the time! 
Since Harper was about a month old, you can always find a burp cloth either on our shoulder or somewhere within arms reach of her or either of us! Definitely time and money well spent!! 

Diaper Genie Complete- One of the things we really wanted after having our baby was to spend time in her nursery, so we made sure we changed most of her diapers in her room on her changing table. With the sleek design of the Diaper Genie, it fit perfectly next to the changing table and provided a clean odor free place to dispose of diapers in her room. It's easy to assemble and change out when full, holds up to 270 dirty diapers (which sounds like a lot, but goes quickly!)  and keeps her room smelling clean. 

I was worried at first about changing her diapers in her room and whether or not it would start to smell, but the Diaper Genie locks all the smell inside and keeps her room smelling great. I love that she can spend more time in her room and we can have everything we need at just an arms reach away! Especially now that she's rolling and moving constantly, I love that it fits right next to her changing table and that there's a foot pedal to use to open the lid and toss in the diaper so I can keep on hand on my rolling little girl at all times!! 

Target has been my go to with all things baby and really anything else for that matter. It was my first stop when registering and has been my most shopped at place for everything for Harper. I love that Target will even let you pay for things online and pick them up at the store. This became such a lifesaver with a newborn. Even the day we left the hospital we used this and had my dad pick up some more sleepers that were preemie sized since our little one was a couple weeks early and swimming in the newborn sleepers.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I always give my expecting friends is to lean on friends and family and others who have had little ones, because it really helped us so much. Having a parent who can come hold the baby so you can shower or take a nap, or a friend you can text with random questions really made everything so much easier those first few weeks and months. I honestly don't know how we would have gotten through that time without their support. Not only were they willing to drop off meals or run to Target for us, but having friends offer suggestions on what you really need or will use made the process of preparing for baby to bringing baby home so much easier!

What is something you couldn't have lived without those first few weeks or months as a new parent?


  1. With my first born I couldn't live without my breastpump and Playtex Nurser bottles. I just could not get him to nurse so ended up exclusively pumping. Harper is adorable. :) #client

  2. This is such a great list! I think I have bought just about EVERY SINGLE THING my baby has ever needed at Target. It really is the best!

  3. Ah - Target! With both kids it was my go-to! Mine was a boppy - breast or bottle feeding, it was necessary for the sake of my back!