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April Accomplishments: Focusing and Growing Followers

Friday, May 6, 2016

For the past several months I've seen other bloggers post a monthly check in on their goals and earnings for the month before. I've always loved reading their posts on these topics to see how much they had grown over the last 30 or so days and been inspired by what they were able to accomplish. Last month I decided to jump feet first and start really tracking my social media stats and start setting goals for myself to achieve. I've been coming to this place for a couple years now, and I feel ready to really tackle some goals I've been setting for myself and see this space reach new places.

As of April 6th, 2015:
Bloglovin: 698
GFC: 465
Twitter: 347
Facebook: 209
Pinterest: 496
Instagram: 879

By May 5th, 2015:
Bloglovin: 711
GFC: 465
Twitter: 374
Facebook: 223
Pinterest: 654
Instagram: 997

As you can see, I really tried to focus on two main social media platforms for the month of April. In the past I had tried to gain followers on all of them, but just felt overwhelmed and wasn't seeing the growth I was hoping for. In April I focused on Pinterest and Instagram, since those are two of my personal favorite platforms and also where I see the most traffic. And while my growth may not have been huge, I was happy with the increase that I saw.

So where did my increase in traffic come from? I saw quite a bit of growth from my participation in different online communities, all of which I highlighted in my post on growing your following through online communities. I also sponsored a couple bloggers this month that were amazing at promoting their sponsors. Definitely go check out Becca Dorr and T.O.  & fro for some awesome sponsorship opportunities. Through those sponsorships I was also involved in a giveaway that really brought me some great new traffic.

Aside from sponsorships, I really tried to focus more of my time on those two platforms. I looked at fellow blogger's Pinterest accounts to see what other pinners I could follow. Each day I would look for at least 5 new accounts to follow along with, and I got several re-follows from doing that. I also went back through the history of my blog and pinned some old posts. I tend to post a blog post and then forget about it, but I am trying to use some of the old content that I've already created, that may not have seen as much traffic. In going through old content, I'm updating things and making it look pretty if I'm not 100% happy with it and then posting it on my Facebook and Pinterest.

But all of it takes time, and I have to be patient with my growth and grow by setting attainable goals for myself.  My goals for the next month include

  • Get my followers up over 1k on Instagram and grow to over 1,100 
  • Increase my Pinterest followers to 750 
  • Update and repost 3 older blog posts on to my Pinterest and Facebook page
  • Look for one new blogger to sponsor
  • Sign up to be a part of 1 giveaway 
I'm hoping that by writing these down on the blog it will keep me accountable and also help other bloggers looking to grow see how it worked for me. 

What are ways you've found to grow your audience and followers? Do you know of any great blogs to sponsor or awesome giveaways coming up? I'd love to hear about them! 


  1. You did so good in April!! Good job. I haven't been posting my goals but I need to get back into it in June. I feel like I get more done that way. lol

  2. You are doing so well! I like seeing your progress. Thanks for sharing, and let's make May even better!

  3. I've been blogging for a little over a year now, my niche is helping parents of children with disabilities. I have been trying to learn as much as I can about working smarter and not harder in this very overwhelming business! Thank you for the insightful information, I'll be coming back for more.

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I've seen a lot of growth recently participating in giveaways. I know some may say it's "buying" followers, but I have developed some genuine readers from the process. My So Call Chaos is a great blog to check out - her giveaways always have tens of thousands of entries and I've seen large growth from participating in those.

  5. Congratulations on your growth from April to May! Good luck accomplishing your May goals!