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Colorado Family Trip

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A couple weeks ago, we all took some time off work (and by all, I mean Dan, My parents and I) and ventured on Harper's first big trip. We'd taken day or weekend trips to the beach, but this was her first flight and long time away from home. We'd been planning this for a while with family, and were all so excited when the day finally arrived! My mom's side of the family lives all throughout the country, which means we don't get to spend time together very often. So we decided to meet up in Colorado for a few days to meet a new grand-niece and spend some quality time together.

Harper did so amazing traveling! I'd spent a lot of time before our trip researching travel tips for traveling with kids and ideas for what to pack and either that paid off or Harper just is a great traveler! Probably a little of both! I'll share what worked well for us when traveling with a little one in an upcoming post. Getting there, we had an hour and a half flight to Salt Lake and then a forty minute flight to Grand Juction. I actually think it helped to break up the trip a bit and allow all of us to stretch our legs, even though we were rushed to catch our second flight.
Our time there was filled with lots of family time, which included lots of play time for Harper. Two of my cousins also have kids, one has two little ones who are 18 months and 3 and a half, and the other has a three week old. It was a little surreal to have my daughter playing with my cousins kids and see how much the family gatherings have shifted, but so fun at the same time.
We also got in lots of snuggle time. In an effort to keep some semblance of her schedule, we rented our own house with my parents through Air B&B which meant lots of morning snuggles and some relaxation and down time for us adults while Harper napped. 
My Aunt and Uncle who traveled from New Jersey rented a motorcycle to explore a little more of the area after we left, but an afternoon motorcycle ride for the boys (and a pedicure trip for the girls) was a must! 
This was our second trip to Colorado, and one of our favorite parts about Grand Junction are the amazing views and hikes. We took many walks throughout the neighborhood and got out for two hikes during our trip.

Our first hike was our third morning there. A few of us hiked while a few ran. I was happy to be on the hiking end of the trip, and have the chance to take in some of the gorgeous views!
Our second hike was into a valley where we hiked to some old Mica Mines. Unfortunately my Mom had taken a fall at the beginning of the hike so her and my Dad didn't hike the whole way with us, but the views were gorgeous. 
The gorgeous trails and views make me never want to leave, but the heat definitely had me ready to head home.

It was a fun few days getting to spend time with family. While we may all live miles and miles away from each other, we always enjoy our time together. It's fun to now watch our kids growing up and see how our gatherings evolve over the years. I'm so thankful Harper did so great the whole trip, and it has me even more excited for some of the summer adventures we have planned. 

What are your favorite places to visit during the summertime? 


  1. This looks like such an awesome trip with lots of family time and site seeing! Glad to here Harper did well. You never know how they will take to traveling and I'm sure that's stressful as a parent!


  2. What a fantastic getaway! I'd love to visit Colorado! <3

  3. Looks like a great trip, Colorado is amazing! I love that you guys hike everywhere carrying that adorable kiddo of yours.
    xx, Kusum |