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Harper 10 Months

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Now that you're halfway to 11 months, it's about time I get around to posting your 10 month update. As with every month, I'm truly not sure where the last month went! Life flies by far too quickly with a little one. And I'm a bit in denial and a tad excited to be planning your first birthday!

I swear Harper gets more energy by the day! She's crawling everywhere, walking with her walker all over the house, and using anything and everything to pull herself up on and hang on to while you walk. The cats and dogs are on alert at all times because as soon as she sees them, she's laughing and crawling after them!

Nicknames: Harps, Lady, Harpie, Turkey

Loves: Still loving the pets and the outdoors! We all love to go on walks and try to get outside as much as possible. She also loves bath time, so it's the perfect end to our day right before bed time.

Food: Little by little she's getting more adventurous in the food department. Still trying to get her to try more and actually each it instead of just spitting it out, but it's getting better.

Sleep: Harper is still such a great sleeper. We've had a few nights where she's woken up due to her teeth bugging her, but for the most part she's a sleeper like her mama! She goes to bed around 7pm each night and wakes up between 6 and 7 the next morning. Harps still takes two naps a day, a morning and afternoon, but they vary in in length depending on the week.

Firsts: She's saying Mama all the time, although usually just as part of her babble. She's using the couch to hold on to and walk around. And she's learned how to shake her head no (i'm not sure this is a good thing or something to be excited about). We also took her first plane trip right as she turned 10 months old. She did so amazing the entire trip and was such a good traveler!

Photos From The Past Month: