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June Stitch Fix Reveal

Friday, June 17, 2016

I just received my third fix in the mail and this was my favorite so far! I started adding more items that I liked to my Pinterest board and it really helped my stylist when picking out items for this fix! I even got two different tops in my box that I had pinned, so if you're looking for something specific, I highly suggest making a Pinterest board just for your Stitch Fix items! Plus be sure to follow my board for some fun ideas for your next Stitch Fix box!

Before I share what was in my latest box, here's a little bit more about Stitch Fix if you've never heard of it before.

To start, you head to Stitch Fix and fill out a style profile. This helps your stylist figure out what size, styles and items would work best for you. It's also great if you link your Stitch Fix profile to your pinterest board so that your stylist can see exactly what kinds of pieces you'd love to see in your fix!

Once you've completed your profile, it's time to schedule your first fix. It costs $20 to schedule, and that $20 goes straight towards one of the items in your box that you decide to keep. If you end up loving every piece and decide to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off the entire box. So basically it's best if you keep at least one item, so you're not throwing away your $20.

Once your fix arrives, you try on all of the pieces and decide what to keep and what to send back. The box comes with a prepaid mailing bag that you put everything you're returning back in and just drop it off at the post office. You have three business days from the time you receive your fix to get it back to the post office. It's as easy as that!

So here's my third fix!

Salden Lattice Detail Blouse: 
I was unsure of this top when I first saw it in my box but loved it as soon as I put it on! I typically shy away from any tops that have a built in tank just because I always get it all tangled or messed up but this was so comfortable and could be dressed up or down that I have to have it!
Verdick - Kept!

Corsega Lasercut Detail Blouse:
This top was comfortable, although a little big in the chest area. It was also a really bring orangish pink and I just didn't see myself wearing it very often.
Verdict - Returned

Welton Bow Back Detail Top:
I had actually pinned this top to my stitch fix Pinterest board so I was so excited to see this in my fix! I love that my stylist had really taken some of the pieces I loved from other people's fixes and put some of them in mine! Overall I loved the details of this top and how I could see myself wearing this all summer!
Verdict - Kept!

Montgomery Cross Front Knit Top:
I had also pinned this top to one of my boards and honestly liked it better than I initially thought. I almost kept this, but couldn't see myself wearing this without a sweater over it just due to being self conscious of my stomach area and since it's summer and all, I wanted to keep items I could wear for warmed weather. This fabric was SO comfortable and made it really hard to send it back!
Verdict - Returned

Kelsie Dress:
I really liked the cut and fit of this dress, but I just couldn't get over the pattern. Had it been not as bold I would have definitely kept this. I really liked it styled with a jacket, but just couldn't see myself wearing this very often. 
Verdict - Returned

There you have it for my latest fix. Which items would you have kept? 


  1. I LOVE the dress! Do you pin a lot right from their site/pinterest boards? I found that was the best way for my stylist to see exactly what I am looking for.

  2. I love Montgomery Cross Front Knit Top!! The dress pattern is definitely bold but looks fabulous on you!

  3. Oh I love that dress! I asked for some summer dresses in my last Fix, but did not get any. Hoping for better luck this time around.

  4. These are all so cute, but I'm totally in love with that dress! You look fantastic. :)

    - Alexia P. Bullard

  5. Bummer that the dress didn't work out for you - it looks great!

  6. All these outfits look really nice on you! I liked the detailed blouse the best :)

  7. All pieces are really cute. I think the dress looked great with the denim jacket. It looks good on you.

  8. I am loving this reveal. I requested that my next one has only tees specific to summer so I can rock them since I don't have enough cute tops! xx Adaleta Avdic

  9. I would have made all the same choices you did on what to keep and return! <3 You got some great pieces! <3

  10. I love the choices you made and probably would have done the same. The pinterest board thing is such a great tip. I have a friend who is a stylist for stitch fix and she also tell me what a great company it is to work for so I think its pretty cool to see that on a consumer end and from the perspective of being inside the company it is a great experience.


  11. I keep seeing these boxes around the internet. I'm super intrigued and I love the outfits that you picked out!

  12. What a great selection of summery tops!