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Anniversary Trip - Edgefield & Oregon Gorge Hikes

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Before having Harper, so many of our good friends with kids told us how important it would be to make time for our marriage as well as for ourselves. Well it turns out that can be a little easier said than done. Between both of our work schedules, plus all the normals events of life including friends and family gatherings and caring for Harper we haven't gotten in as much time for the two of us as we'd both like. But for our anniversary, I wanted to make sure we took time for the two of us.

My parents graciously offered to watch Harper for us so we could have an overnight together. We used the opportunity to explore a few places close to home that we've wanted to check out for a while, but that would be easier to do without having to plan around nap times or meals. We've been wanting to check out some hikes and places in the Columbia River Gorge, about an hour and a half from home, so that's where we decided to head.

Our first stop, aside from lunch, was to a hike we've been talking about doing for a while. A friend mentioned that it may not be one we want to take Harper on since it's fairly steep and long and there are some decent drop offs around the trail. About half way up I looked up to realize where we were actually hiking to. I'm sure Dan saw the nervousness on my face, but we kept going and got through it together. There were definitely some drop-offs, that forced me to get through my heights fear, and we encountered some snakes along the path which Dan quickly sped past. So not only did we accomplish our hike, but we faced some fears together too! The hike is a little over 5 miles round trip, but we added in an extra couple miles walking down to Bridal Veil Falls before we started our hike to Angles Rest. The view was absolutely spectacular and definitely worth the hike!
Once done with our hike, we headed to McMinemins Edgefield where we were staying the night. We got all checked in, and headed straight to their soaking pool for a drink and some relaxation! The rest of our night was fairly low key since we were both pretty tired from our hike. We got happy hour, and then dinner later, played some shuffle board, took another dip in the soaking pool and called it an early night. It's always the nights we have the time to stay up late that it seems like we are in bed by 10.
The next morning we got up and got ready and headed down to breakfast. Afterwards we did some exploring of the grounds. If you've never been to the Edgefield before, I highly suggest you visit. There you'll find several bars and restaurants, outdoor areas, a winery, distillery, brewery, golf course, garden, spa and tons of space to enjoy the outdoors. I swear you could spend several days here and not experience it all! 

Before heading home we wanted to get one more hike in. This time we choose a little shorter and easier hike, but still some breathtaking views. So we decided on Wahclella Falls. It's a short 2 mile loop with a couple beautiful waterfalls. Every time we explore somewhere new like this, I am always so thankful to live in such a beautiful area, and this hike was no exception!
It was so nice to have a day away together to celebrate our anniversary and spend some time just the two of us. It can be so day to get caught up in our busy schedules, but so important to take time for us too!

What are your favorite ways to get time in with your spouse?


  1. Happy Anniversary! (new reader!) Sounds like a great overnight trip and also we have the same problem - can never stay up late when we have a night without our daughter!

  2. SO beautiful! I want to go there! Happy anniversary!

  3. What a fun anniversary! I love the Angel's Rest hike!

  4. What beautiful scenery. I am in need of a good hike!

  5. Gorgeous! What a wonderful memory. i love it. You look really happy.

  6. I have such a hard time leaving my girls for an overnight...Ellie is 3 and I've only done it 4 times!!!

    I have always wanted to go to McMinemins...hopefully we'll make it there one day soon!

  7. Those are definitely some gorgeous hikes. And it looks like you had them all to yourself (which is rare this time of year!!). I've never stayed at Edgefield but I always thought it would be a fun stay-cation overnighter. We'll have to check it out one of these days.