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Looking Back - A Year of Harper

Thursday, August 11, 2016

It's officially Harper's birthday! I'm still completely in denial that she's one year old. This has been the most amazing year of my life, and I truly can't believe she's one year old! Not only does she complete our family, but she brings more joy and happiness to our lives than I ever could have imagined possible! Happy Birthday Harpie! Here's a look back at the last year!

Month One:
We brought her home from the hospital and got adjusted to life as a family of three.

Month Two:
Our first out of town family visitors came so we got to enjoy time with them and introduce Harper to some of our favorite people.

Month Three:
We celebrated her first Halloween with a trip to the pumpkin patch, a halloween party and some new fall traditions. I also went back to work this month, so we started to get used to our new routine.

Month Four: 
We celebrated her first Thanksgiving. She also officially started sleeping in her own room.

Month Five:
Celebrated her first Christmas, New Years and my birthday! Last year we found out we were expecting on December 18th, so it was fun to experience the holidays and my birthday this year with her here since last year we had just found out about her!

Month Six: 
This month she started rolling all over the place and using her ability to move to get her places! She celebrated Dad's birthday with him and

Month Seven: 
She officially started sleeping in her crib this month. It was a tough transition, probably harder on me than on her, but she is finally in her own room and crib each night. She also celebrated her first Valentine's Day, her bestie's first birthday, her first Easter and had out of town visitors from my Birth Mom and her husband.

Month Eight:
With the nicer weather we were able to be outdoors lots this month and she loved it. From walks to a trip to the Tulip Festival and even a trip to one of mom and dad's favorite wineries, we got out and enjoyed the sunshine! She was trying so hard to crawl, got her first tooth and officially could sit up on her own this month.

Month Nine: 
This month so much change happened -  she learned to crawl, started using high chairs at restaurants, learned to wave, pull herself up and crawl. She also took her second trip to the Oregon Coast.

Month Ten: 
She's on the move! Crawling, walking using a walker, and constantly wanting to be on the go! She celebrated her first mother's day and during the last couple days of the month, took her first airplane ride. And of course my favorite thing, she said her first word this month. . . Mama.

Month Eleven: 
Now that we've learned to talk, she's talking non stop. She celebrated her first 4th of July, her friend's second birthday and enjoyed her last month before her birthday!