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One In A Melon - Harper's Watermelon 1st Birthday

Thursday, August 18, 2016

This past weekend we celebrated Harper's first birthday with friends and family. I may still be in a little bit of denial, but her party was so fun, and over before I knew it!
I decided on a watermelon theme, after scouring Pinterest and changing my mind a few times, but since I ate two watermelons a week the entire summer I was pregnant and it's one of Harper's favorite foods, it just seemed too perfect to pass up.
Her invitations were from Oh Be Joyful 

Since we had little ones attending the party, we decided on a late afternoon start time with dinner and cake. I set up the kiddie pool and water table out back for the kids to play in since it was going to be so hot and guests roamed between the back yard and the living room the whole party.
LOVED these letters from PaperLane Design
I kept it simple in terms of food and drink, and of course took pictures of the important stuff like the Watermelon Sangria, but forgot to photograph the yummy pulled pork my husband made, but it was there. For drinks we had Sangria and Lemonade with some strawberry puree if people wanted it added. And for food we kept it simple with pulled pork, hot dogs for the kids, a veggie tray, bean dip and chips, pesto potato salad (as recipe we got in our Hello Fresh box) and of course watermelon.
And no party at my house is complete without drinks in a mason jar, and they obviously needed coordinating watermelon straws and watermelon name tags. I love that these jars and lids get used at every party - and no matter how often I use them, someone always comments on how great they are. 
My favorite detail of the day had to be the amazing deserts from Sewell Sweets, a local baker I found through one of our favorite local shops. I had emailed Cat back in June with ideas for the party, and she totally brought my ideas to life! I knew I wanted cookies as favors and cupcakes for our guests to eat, and of course Harper need a smash cake. 
Unfortunately, Harper wasn't as excited about the smash cake as I was. Meaning, when I put it in front of her after everyone finished singing Happy Birthday, she almost immediately started crying.
But, since I am one of those moms who really wanted some cute pictures, we decided to try again the next day, hoping that she'd like it more if there wasn't a crowd of people standing around her. Turns out, she just isn't a huge fan of cake. But I still got some sweet photos out of it, so Mom's happy.
It's truly been so much fun to watch our child grow up and spend time with our best friend's children. We had all of our close friends and family there and it made the entire day and celebration complete! I can't believe the week has already passed and she's already a 1 year old. I can't wait for all the fun we get to experience over this next year!

What fun themes do you have for little ones birthday parties?


  1. Such an adorable idea!!! Happy 1st Birthday Harper! Love those mason jars.. Where did you get them?

    1. I got the jars at Winco or really any store that sells caning supplies and I found the lids on Amazon.

  2. I love the theme, and all of the little touches! Looks like a great party :) Happy birthday Harper!

  3. I love that creative! That cake is amazing, and so are the cookies. I made a watermelon sangria myself, but this one sounds super yummy too! She is adorable! Happy 1st Birthday!

  4. Such a cute theme! I love all the desserts; they look so pretty. I remember when my daughter turned one; I was a mess, but it really was such a special day.

  5. Oh my goodness, this is SOOOO stinking cute. The ribbon. The shirt. The watermelon cookies. I'm swooning!

  6. Oh my goodness! She's so adorable! It looks like you guys had such a fantastic time!

  7. This is so adorable!!! I may be stealing some of these ideas in the [not so near] future, haha!! Super cute! Love the pun!

  8. Oh my goodness, what a precious party!!! <3

  9. This is such cute theme for a birthday party for a little one :)