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A Great Wolf Lodge Escape

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This past weekend we went on a short overnight trip with our best friends and all of our kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Washington. We'd been planning the trip for a while, and decided to book it when we found a Groupon! We've actually visited the lodge and water park in the past when it first opened, before we had kids. And while this trip was a lot different than the last and included much more time in the kiddie pool and less time on the big slides, and a bed time of 9pm we still had a fun time!
Last Trip: 
This Trip 
Before we left, I had several friends question whether or not there would be much for our kids to do and I was excited that there was a bunch to keep all of us busy. The lodge does a great job of making sure there are activities for the entire family. They have story time several times a day and a show in the lobby of the lodge each morning and evening. Since it's the month of October, there were Halloween activities happening that even included some trick or treating. We could have kept the kids busy for days!

The water park had a lot of activities, even for toddlers. There was an entire pool and section just for little kids with slides, fake jet skis and all sorts of water sprayers. I was pleasantly surprised at how much Harper could participate in, even at her age. We also took them in some of the larger pools with their life jackets and just held on to them. They all enjoyed the wave pool and all the different water activities. One of my favorite parts of Great Wolf is that there really are activities for all ages. We had a great time when we visited a few years ago with just adults, and loved our trip with the kids too.
 While we spent most of our time in the pool, we all had a lot of fun roaming around the lodge. We ate dinner at the buffet, listened to a little story time, and of course played in the halls. We lucked out and got rooms right across the hall from each other, so we could visit back and forth whenever the kids wanted to.
And of course the adults had some fun too, a took turns on the big slides. First the girls and then the guys. On our last trip all together, we went down these slides several times. This trip, one ride was enough for each of us and we were back to the kiddie pool!
Tips For Visiting Great Wolf Lodge with Kids: 
1. Bring extra swim suits and a bag for the water park. We were able to check in early and use the water park before our room was ready, so it was helpful to have a bag to keep all of our change of clothes and extra pool stuff in. 
2. Check in starts at 4pm, but they will let you check in starting at 1pm to use the water park. 
3. If you kids sleep in a crib, I would recommend packing a pack and play for them to sleep in. The hotel states that they have some, but the day we went it was completely booked so I was glad I brought ours and didn't have to worry about finding one. 
4. Bring your own beach towels. The hotel has towels to use in the water park, but you aren't allow to take those back to your room. We liked having extra towels that we could wrap Harper in to take her back to the room or save seats at the water park. 
5. Check on Groupon before booking your stay. I see these deals pop up pretty frequently and it's always nice to save a little. 

It has been so fun to get to go on adventures with our kids along with some of our best friends. It's a really fun season of life that we are in, especially since so many of our friends are in the same season. While our vacations and adventures have definitely changed, our friendship and our fun has only increased! I would definitely suggest a trip to a Great Wolf Lodge or similar hotel to anyone with kids, or who have husbands like ours who are kids at heart!

What's your favorite place to take your kids?


  1. Looks like so much fun for the kids. When my children were little, their favorite place to go was anywhere camping!

  2. I have heard great things about Great Wolf Lodges-may have to go to one soon!