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Halloween 2016

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I realize it's already been a few days since the trick or treaters were knocking on your door and you've probably had your fair share of snack sized candy but I wanted to finally get around to sharing our fun Halloween happenings! I had decided on Harper's costume shortly after she was born after seeing  an idea on Pinterest. I loved the movie Monster's Inc (and let's be honest, I still do) and loved the idea of her being Boo!
This year my mom offered to make Harper's costume and since she had made all of mine growing up, I loved that Harper would have the same memory! My mom's birthday is the 29th and she was scheduled to work, so we packed Harper up in her costume and took my dad along to visit her. She was the hit of the hospital!
Sunday we decided to do all things Halloween including bake cupcakes, carving pumpkins, and watching scary movies (after Harper went to bed of course). It's so much fun watching her learn and experience new things. Having kids definitely makes holidays that much more fun!
Since Halloween fell on a Monday this year, I actually had the day off and got to spend it with both Dan and Harper. We didn't go all out on the trick or treating, but visited both our parent's houses, stopped by some friends and rang a few neighbor's doors. Harper wasn't too sure about walking up to houses she'd never been to before, but loved getting to see everyone's dogs and all the familiar faces once the door opened. Unfortunately, she wasn't a fan of the hood of her costume, so she looked less like boo from the front, but she was happy as can be as long as the hood wasn't on.
All in all it was a wonderful Halloween! We don't always get to have Dan home on the holidays so it's so nice when it works out that we get to spend the day together as a family! Special thanks to my mom for the amazing costume! I hope you all had as great a time celebrating as we did!


  1. Oh my god, she is the cutest Boo! I love that character and how special that you mom made her costume, she did sooo good!!

  2. Making the costume was a challenge but worth every moment...I think we knew the hood wouldn't be her favorite :) Hope she'll let me make her costumes for many more Halloweens.
    I love how you include Harper in all the baking, pumpkin scooping and all even though it makes more work for you two. Making great memories for your kiddo!!!!!

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