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Things You Need To Jumpstart Your LuLaRoe Business

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Making the decision to become a LuLaRoe consultant can be a tough one. Unlike many other companies with somewhat similar sales strategies, there is quite a bit of investment that goes in to getting started, so it's a decision that people shouldn't make without thinking it through and talking it over.

I first found out about LuLaRoe through my best friend. One of the women in her moms group was a consultant and she was hosting an in home pop-up. Of course, as her friend I attended the party and bought a few things. From that party I joined the consultant's VIP page, bought a few more pieces and ended up hosting my own online party. By the time I had my 5th or 6th LuLaRoe item, my husband started asking why I wasn't considering joining the company. I had honestly considered it before, but was leery of the large investment it took to get started and worried what all it took to get the business up and running. One of the things that really helped me make my decision and prepare to get my official on boarding call was listening to what other consultants had done. I watched dozens of youtube videos and picked the brains of several consultants I know. And now here I am, officially a consultant and ready to get started in the business!

My initial inventory investment was around $6,000, but the onboarding packages are constantly changing so make sure to check when you are close to getting your call. When I onboarded they had three different packages to choose from and I choose the middle package. LuLaRoe has been changing packages frequently, so the costs and styles to choose from can always change.

Aside from your initial LuLaRoe inventory, there are several things I would recommend purchasing or having before getting started. I wanted to make sure to provide all of the places I purchased items along with prices for those of you looking to get started. I broke everything down into two categories, things I would recommend getting, and extras that are nice to have but aren't essential.
Things to purchase to get started with your LuLaRoe shop:
Clothing Racks - You can buy these several different places, here is where I purchased mine.
                Single Racks - Amazon for $53.99
                Double Racks - Bed Bath & Beyond for $79.99 - Use one of their cupons if you buy these
Hangers - I went with the velvet ones from Costco that were $9.99 for 35 hangers
I also purchases pant hangers from Amazon for my skirts that were $40 for 100 hangers.
Leggings Storage - There are so many different options for how to store and display your leggings, but I went with one from Ikea for about $40 (depending on how you personalized it with rollers, a top or type of baskets).
Photo Backdrop for photographing your inventory purchased on Amazon for $23.99
Mannequin Dress Form - Amazon for $49.00 - many purchase these at Joann Fabrics too
Merchandise Bags - to use for popups and events I found on Amazon for $10.95 for 100
Storage Bags to put clothes in when you travel to pop ups and events. I purchased these on Amazon for $26.99 for 4 large bags, I purchased additional bags at Ikea. If you buy them at Ikea they are $2.99 each (Clearly better to buy in store)
Poly Mailers to ship clothes in to customers - purchased on Amazon for $11.95 for 100.
Business Cards I purchased on Got Print, and purchased the design on Etsy from Ems Graphics.
Scale - Used to help calculate shipping. I purchased ours on Amazon for $34.99.

We already had a computer, iPad, label printer and DSLR camera so we didn't purchase any of these items, but each would be helpful if you don't already have them.

My husband and I decided to purchase several extras that would help us get started and would be useful throughout our LuLaRoe business, so I wanted to share those incase anyone was interested, but wanted to preface that with saying that you definitely don't have to have these things, but we chose to go ahead and purchase them.

Steamer - to get wrinkles out of clothes for photos - purchased on Amazon for $29.99
Sizing Tags - to put on hangers to make it easier to find sizes purchases on Discount Sizing for $3.50 for 100 of each size and I bought all 8 sizes that LuLaRoe carries.
Full Length Mirror - I purchased mine at Target
Additional Lens for iPhone to improve images taken on my iPhone - purchased on Amazon for $24.99

As you can tell, we really like shopping on Amazon, and definitely take advantage of our Amazon Prime subscription! Many of these items you can purchase several places, these are just the items we ended up going with. I'm sure there are things we're missing that we will discover will be helpful along the way, and I definitely know we purchased things that weren't necessities for getting started, but I wanted to share all of it with you in case you're thinking about becoming a consultant or are working on setting up your business.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with anything along the way. I am just getting started with my business with LuLaRoe and am so excited for where it might take me and would love to help other's get started as well. If you're interested in taking a look at my Facebook group please feel free to join!


  1. I've heard a lot about LuLaRoe but I guess I need to try it myself haha.

  2. LOVE LULAROE! Our local consultant has all of these things and she is doing AMAZINGLY WELL!
    xo Jessica

  3. My Aunt is a consultant and she has most of the things you recommend! Also, she likes to use a tripod for her phone if she is ever doing a facebook live sale.

  4. I love LuLaRoe! I just bought my first pair of leggings the other week. And I love them!I always was curious about starting with them, I wasnt really any good at any other selling stuff.

  5. So impressed by what you've put together already! I know you'll have great success!!