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5 Secrets for Writing a Kick-Ass Business Analyst Resume

The demand for exceptional business analysts is strong whether they specialize in data analysis or business systems. However, you won’t get your dream job handed to you on a silver platter. You have to work for it. One of the areas you need to work on is your resume. A good resume that fits the job you’re applying for will help you get the attention of hiring managers. So, how do you go about drafting the best business analyst resume.…

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7 Benefits of Using AWS for Cloud Computing

Looking for a managed hosting provider? Today most businesses are moving their I.T infrastructure to the cloud. Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular service providers in this space. With thousands of customers across 190 countries, AWS Cloud is indeed a force to reckon with. So, would it make sense to move your business to AWS? Here are some benefits of doing so. 1.      Ease of Migration Migrating to the cloud is much easier thanks to the effort…

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17 Points Website Hosting Ultimate Checklist – How To Choose The Best Hosting Service?

Why Choosing the Right Web Hosting Service is so Important for Your Site? Most people take a great deal of care before renting or buying a physical location for their business. The same consideration should be given when you consider web hosting companies to provide website hosting services for your online business. Even if your website isn’t a business, but is a blog, if you want it published online, it is a good idea to find the best website hosting…

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