5 Handy Tips to Stress-Free Rental Car Collection

There is no better feeling than that of arriving at your travel destination, especially after a long tiring flight. All you want to do is collect your rental car and take off to your hotel or accommodation location. While this sounds easy, car rental delivery and collection can be a stressful task if not well planned out. Here are some tips for stress-free car rental collection.

  1. Confirm You Have All Your Documentation

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Before you head to the airport to catch your flight, you need to check that you have packed all the necessary documents you need to collect your rental car. Confirm that you’ve pack your driving license, credit card, and passport and that they are all valid before your travel. It is advisable that you do this check at least 2 weeks to your traveling date. This gives you adequate time to make any updates to your documents if need be. Prepare any other additional paperwork the car rental company requires. Some will need proof of address as well as an international driver’s permit.

  1. Keep Your Prepaid Voucher Close

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Ensure you have the voucher you used to make the online car hire bookings with you. You will need to produce it when collecting your car. This voucher contains information that shows that you had paid for your rental car prior to traveling. It also ensures you get the vehicle you ordered for. If for any reason you are unable to print the voucher, or you don’t receive it after pre-ordering for your car rental, you need to contact the car hire company’s customer care desk and let them know. They will be able to sort this issue out, hopefully before your travel date. Without your voucher, you may not be able to get the car you wanted and might even incur additional charges.

  1. Collection Location

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To enjoy stress-free car rental and delivery services, it is important to completely understand the terms of your rental. Your voucher will contain your car collection details including where you should pick your car. Some companies offer flexible collection options which include having the car delivered to the airport upon your arrival. Clearly state the car collection and return points most convenient for you. Should there be any flight delays or cancellations, inform the car hire company immediately. They should be able to make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise, your vehicle may be unavailable when you arrive.

  1. Confirm the Type of Car You Expect

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When making online car rental bookings, you are allowed to choose the car you want from the different categories available. While the exact model may not be guaranteed, you need to ensure you get the vehicle that offers the same features as the one you had selected. Most car hire companies will give you an upgrade for the same cost if the car you chose is not available.

  1. Inspect the Car

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It is highly advisable that you inspect the rental car before driving off. The car rental company will note down any pre-existing blemishes on the car to ensure you are not charged for the damage when returning the car.


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