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Traveling Alone? 5 Most Amazing Destinations For Solo International Travelers

Traveling solo is one of the most exciting and adventurous things you can do in your life. There are thousands of people who do this on regular basis and then there are some who don’t really like to travel alone. This is for everyone who wants to travel solo to some other country. Got your passport and the money ready?

Here we go with 5 Most Amazing destinations to visit for Solo travelers:

If You Love Adventure, Make Sure You Visit These 2 Countries:

1. Australia

Down under is the place to travel alone if you are an adventurous freak. Australia has some of the most lavishing landscapes in the entire planet. From large forest-covered lands to the most amazing sea beaches, you’ll feel extraordinarily pleasant there in Australia.

Couple of places you shouldn’t miss in Australia:

  • Horizontal Falls: If you like getting into sea-planes and jet boats, Western Australia has a lot more to offer than any other place. You’ll get an opportunity to get on a sea plane which will take you over the red cliffs of Buccaneer Archipelago. After that, the low-level plane will land on the waters and you’ll be transferred to a jet boat which will then take you through the beautiful waters at a calm but fast pace.
  • Blue Mountains: Love mountains and the forests? Blue mountains is a mountain range situated in New South Wales. You will find a forest of eucalyptus which you’ll not find anywhere else. There are beautiful cliffs where you can just sit and enjoy the scenery. You can even come down the mountains if you like abseiling.

2. Scandinavia

This northern European region of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden has some of the most exciting things to offer to solo travellers. In winters, i.e. starting from October, this region gets colder, much colder. However, it is very pleasant to travel around the region in cold too.

Couple of places you shouldn’t miss in Scandinavia:

  • Norway’s Whale Watching Adventure: Whale watching safari is one of the coolest things Scandinavia has to offer to its tourists. If you love to swim, you should get yourself a special whale safari where you’ll be swimming alongside the whales.
  • Dog Sledding in Sweden: If you are in Scandinavia, you need to take part in dog sledding adventures. The Huskies of Scandinavia are some of the most powerful and fastest dogs in the world. There are adventure sports companies which you could contact to in order to book your place in dog sledding.

If You Love Food, Make Sure You Visit These 2 Countries:

3. Vietnam

The food of Vietnam is famous for its subtleness and distinctive flavors. This is the best place to go around the villages, talk to the local people about the country and how they go with their food. The street foods in this country are just awesome.

Couple of places you shouldn’t miss in Vietnam:

  • Hanoi: The city of Hanoi is famous for its street foods. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum has these amazing Pho Noodles which are the best sellers on the streets. Banh Mi sandwich and Bun Cha are also equally famous dishes you can try.
  • Ho Chi Minh City: Also known as Saigon, this city is famous for its mobile food carts which get parked everywhere selling pancakes and Pho among dozens of other delicacies.

4. Croatia

Image source: Flickr/ D Smith

This beautiful place between Italy and central Europe has a lot of history to learn about. However, food of this country is really good. From seafood to meats, Croatia has everything that you’d love. Croatian-Italian restaurants are true to their name and worth to give them a try.

Couple of places you shouldn’t miss in Croatia:

  • Pelegrini cooking classes: If you really like food and wish to learn from the best, join this award-winning restaurant’s cooking classes and add a valuable feat in your solo trip.
  • Wine tasting in Dubrovnik: Taste some of the finest wines on the planet here. Go to Peljesac peninsula which is famous for its smooth red wine. Vineyards and cellars are open for visitations and tastings.

Traveling on A Budget? Thailand Awaits You.

5. Thailand

Thailand has got everything. And everything is under your budget. It has got islands like Poda Island, and Hong Islands which are famous for their tourist attractions. Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park is also worth a visit if you love wildlife. Do check out the floating markets of Thailand if you ever visit there.

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