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 5 Plumbing Myths That Could Cost You A Fortune

Nothing beats the feeling of finally owning a home after working hard for many years. Even so, there are a lot of issues and costs that come with owning a home. These include plumbing, electrical, heating, and air supply complications. There are a lot of mistakes people make when doing DIY installation and repairs of these key areas of their home.  Today we are going to tackle some of the common DIY plumbing mistakes people make that could end up costing a fortune.

Myth 1 – You Can Disinfect Your Garbage Disposal Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

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Chemical cleaners for drains are made using very concentrated chemicals which eat up your drainage pipes and destroy your disposal seal over time. The safest bet is mixing household products such as baking soda and vinegar to clean your garbage disposal. Orange, lemon or lime peels are also good alternatives to the chemical products. These natural products clean and disinfect the garbage disposal and also get rid of the pungent smell.

Myth 2 – A Plunger Helps to Unclog the Sink

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While plungers help, they more often than not create messes and are hazardous. If you have double sinks, using a plunger to unclog one sink will often cause issues for the second sink drain. Using your plunger after pouring chemical cleaners can cause a splash-back which can affect your eyes or skin. Therefore, plungers are not the solution to all your drain cleaning and unclogging problems. Only use it when it is completely necessary. Never use your plunger after pouring chemical cleaners in your drain.

Myth 3 – My Drain Is Not Clogged. Everything Is Going Down Perfectly

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Even though your drain may be working, it does not necessarily mean that there is no clogging issue. Drain blockage does not occur all at once. It often starts with a buildup of dirt which eventually causes total clogging. To ensure there is no slow buildup, always dispose of waste appropriately. Do not push things like foods and wet wipes down the drain.

Myth 4 – You Can Flush Down Grease with Hot Water

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A lot of people believe and live by this myth. While hot water may get rid of the grease on your sink’s surface, it does very little to get rid of the grease buildup in your drainage pipes. When you pour hot water down the drain, it gets cold along the pipes and this causes the grease to harden and attach to the sides of the pipe. Eventually, the buildup will cause clogging and even pipe bursts. Therefore, always wipe the grease from the plates before washing.

Myth 5 – You Do Not Need Plumbing Maintenance

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Most people assume that plumbing fixtures do not require maintenance. This is far from the truth. Like any other areas in your home, you need to take time to periodically assess the state of your plumbing system. Inspect your sinks, faucets, drains, toilets, and pipes to ensure they are in good working order. A plumber can help with the routine inspections. Maintenance of your plumbing fixtures can go a long way in preventing serious plumbing complications which can be expensive to fix.

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