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6 Best Landscaping Ideas For Your Front Yard

Your property is a direct reflection of you. Statistics show, in 2017, landscaping ideas to consider.

1. Blooming Shrubs

A delightful spray of small blooming shrubs can be used to highlight certain areas or to tie in rolling flower beds with color. Bright hues will add distinction and set boundary lines that add a welcoming look. This is known as a skirting effect that adds an open look. Choose little lamb, aster or honeysuckle for an assortment of color and scents that also attract butterflies.

2. Tiered Garden Look

Not all plants and bushes need to be singularly aligned to bring definition to the front of a house. If your home needs an uplift from a common look, use tiered flower beds to create depth and natural beauty. Holly or boxwood shrubs make a fitting presence close to a home’s exterior. They should be raised and outlined with stone to highlight their beauty. Below on the ground level, plant ground-hugging evergreens for a unique and appealing look.

3. Aesthetic Sitting Area

Building a sitting area off to one side of the front of your house can make your lawn look appealing to visitors. Benches, swings or wrought iron seats bring a picture of cozy comfort. A pathway leading to this feature should be one that corresponds to the adjoining sidewalk. This is a great way to experiment with stones or bricks for walkways that accent your home’s exterior. Make a circle or rectangle for the base where your sitting area will be.

4. River Rock Beauty

Green grass is not the only way to achieve a professional landscaping look. By using rocks, boulders, and wildflowers, the beauty of nature will come alive. These scenes are becoming increasingly popular in areas that are hot and dry. When properly installed, river rock can take on the presence of a flowing dry stream and add elegance to your property.

5. Hardscaping for Definition

Hardscaping does not have to be reserved for backyard kitchen or pool area. When a property lacks substance, a low-lying wall can help. For example, a house that sits on a hill may be difficult to define with shrubs and flowers, but a hardscape wall with wide steps can show off its beauty.

6. Built-In Lighting

Showing off your home’s entrance is more than just a porch light today. Warm lights along pathways and beneath small trees can make your front yard landscape look even more charming after dark. Always get the advice of a landscaping expert on placement and wattage before undertaking this project. Light casings should be inconspicuous during the day.

Your home can draw positive attention when a landscape design is put into motion. Remember to keep with the style and location of your home

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