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6 Killer Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost

Failure to Rely on Valuable Programs

Email marketing consistently remains a great way to reach past, present, and, hopefully, soon-to-be customers. Email marketing delivers a simple and inexpensive way to promote a product or service. Real estate agents, in particular, find email marketing valuable since buyers and sellers do need to keep on top of current market conditions.

Unfortunately, some rush into launching their email marketing plans. Doing so leads to making mistakes. Here are six common errors to avoid lest you risk sinking the campaign:

1. Misspellings in the Email Content

Misspellings in the Email Content

Don’t take the attitude that a typo here and there won’t cause trouble. Even a minor incident of misspellings and grammar flubs may leave a wrong impression. Marketing is all about psychology. Poor marketing approaches deliver the wrong psychological impact. Misspelled words and other errors leave people with the subjective feeling you don’t care. Sloppiness is not a valuable trait. Proofread the emails before they go out. Maybe take the step to hire a professional editor.

2. No Opt-in/Opt-Out Option

No Opt-in/Opt-Out Option

Don’t send people emails if they didn’t ask to receive them. Providing an opt-in choice for emails reflects good professionalism. Similarly, always afford an opt-out option on future emails. You don’t want to send emails to disinterested parties. They won’t become customers, but they might call and complain or create other headaches.

3. Presenting Wrong Contact Information

Presenting Wrong Contact Information

This particular error can prove both disastrous and embarrassing. It is also self-defeating. The purpose of sending out marketing-oriented emails entails stimulating a response. Do you want people calling the wrong number or heading to the wrong office address? An inexcusable mistake like this could tank even a great email campaign. Again, always proofread to avoid these types of errors.

4. Failure to Rely on Valuable Programs

Failure to Rely on Valuable Programs

Data analytics helps you track your email marketing campaign. Without the necessary programs to manage and keep tabs on stats, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t. Budgeting the campaign becomes difficult as well. Investing in real estate CRM and marketing solution programs could help an agent and his/her campaign immensely. Attempting to track analytics and cost/return ratios by typing figures on a notepad program isn’t advisable. Go with modern, reliable programs designed to support online campaigns.

5. Weak or Uninteresting Content

Send out an email that contains content of value. The content of the email should not be filler or generic information. And email inbox receives tons of unwanted junk every day. Once you start contributing low-quality email to someone’s inbox, your emails will likely be earmarked for deletion without being read. Crafting a well-written article that covers the topic of benefit to the reader works better. The readers may even look forward to your next email.

6. Sending Too Many Emails

Sending Too Many Emails

Don’t bombard recipients with too many emails. Even when the emails contain excellent content, their distribution can’t be excessive. People tune out senders who spam inboxes. And yes, recipients will commonly take the attitude the excessive mailings are part of a spam campaign. Send out the emails on a regular schedule that puts enough distance between the delivery.

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