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6 Most Efficient Non-Gym Exercises Ever – Lose Weight And Gain Strength

If you don’t go to the gym and almost never exercise, chances are you’ll end up showing symptoms of obesity, weak bones, or loss of muscles. However, there are certain things which you can do in order to get in proper shape and can be considered to be called as a ‘fit’ human.

We are listing down 6 most effective exercises you can do without going to the gym:

1. Brisk Walking – Early Morning

Believe it or not, morning walks work like wonder. It helps in reducing the risk of diabetes, improves the blood circulation of the body, strengthens the heart, and also helps in reducing the extra fats from your body. Hence, it is the one universal exercise everyone should participate in.

As listed above, it has numerous benefits. Early morning is a great time to walk as it builds up the immune system by breading in fresh non-polluted oxygen.

2. Squats

Widely known as the exercise for legs, a squat is actually a body-wide muscle exercise. It helps in improving the body balance and obviously, trains the legs for leavy liftings and, movements. You do not need any kind of gym equipment for doing this. It helps in burning the fats and increasing the muscles in your body.

Squats increase your flexibility and improve your posture. Especially for women, squats can help in toning down your body and butt.

3. Push-ups

Push up is also a whole body exercise focussed mainly on muscle creation. Regular sets of push-ups activate the entire body and help in increasing the Whole Body Muscle Definition. Push-ups are also good for heart’s health as then enhance the cardiovascular system. Push-ups strengthen the lower back and core muscles. This helps in preventing the lower back injuries in any sport.

For muscle building, push-up exercises are mandatory. They help in building up chest, arm, and shoulder muscles.

4. Crunches and Sit-ups

Once regarded as one of the most effective abdominal exercises, crunches are now somehow surprisingly fading. Still, doing crunches comes with a lot of benefits. You can train the muscles which are in front of your abdomen- your abs. They also build the body’s endurance. This also improves the core muscles and helps in building up the endurance of your core and hence, improves your balance.

It is also a great fat burner. A 1o minute set of moderate crunches can burn up to 50 calories and the more effective ones can also burn up to 9o calories.

5. Burpees

There are several reasons why burpees should be your all-time favorite exercise. This works like wonder. In its complete sense, it is a full body exercise. Your strength dynamically grows if you do the burpees regularly. Burpees also burn tons of fats. Since it involves pushups and jumps, it improves the body balance and overall coordination between different body parts.

It is a four-point move which starts with a squat, plank, pushup, and jumps with hands pointed towards the roof.

6. Plank

If there is one exercise that looks pretty easy but actually really challenging, it has to be the ‘Plank Position’. This is an incredible exercise for core strengthening. With the help of core muscle activation, planking helps in building a toned belly for your body. One of the great benefits of planking is it reduces back pains. Surprisingly, when your core gets some heat, it causes side effect which helps in reducing the back pain. Our body works mysteriously, isn’t it?

It improves the strength in your forearms and also brings your mood in a happy and content place.

Try these 6 exercises in your home for 1 month and you’ll see drastic changes in your body – for good.


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