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6 Poorest Nations of The World (2018)

Our world has become a strange place –from people in Haiti eating mud to survive to people in the developed countries throwing food out, something is not quite right.

While the people in the rich nations sit back and rejoice over a cup of coffee, the not-so-unfortunate people from the poor nations find themselves constantly engaged in the struggles of survival.

Although we all are no different than each other as god intended it to be, it is surprising to see how much difference a piece of paper can bring in the standards of living of people across the globe.

We want you to know about the 6 poorest nations of the world so that you can contribute your little towards making their lives better. Here’s the list of the poorest nations based on their current international dollars, to the nearest whole dollar:

1. Central African Republic:

The Central African Republic is the poorest nation in the world right now with the current international dollar value of 681 as in 2017.

The country which came into existence after its independence in 1960 from France hasn’t really done so well in terms of stabilizing its economy.

With almost three quarters of the population living under extreme poverty, the country faces a tough challenge for welfare of its citizens.


2. Democratic Republic Of Congo:

The Democratic Republic Of Congo is the perfect example of what political unrest can do to a country.

With vast availability of natural resources, the country still struggles to guarantee a satisfactory per capita income for the citizens of the country.

The country remains at the second spot with the international dollar value of approximately 784 as of 2017 despite having availability of resources to flourish.


3. Burundi:

The landlocked nation of Burundi takes the third spot with an international dollar value of approximately 818. The country has witnessed countless civil wars arising out of ethnic conflicts.

The major blow came for the country in 2016, when Burundi’s largest donor –the European Union, cut its funding due to the political chaos prevailing in the country.

Things became worse when the nation decided a trade ban with the neighboring Rwanda on concerns over food security. This was followed by a subsequent increase in the prices of even the staple food items across the nation.

4. Liberia:

Liberia –Africa’s oldest republic, perfectly conveys the condition of people living in majority of countries across the continent.

With an international dollar value of approximately 882 as of 2017, the country has also been a victim of civil unrest till 2003.

After the peacekeeping attempts were successful, the country suffered a huge blow due to the Ebola crisis which led to the reversal of private investment inflows and caused a subsequent decline in commodity prices.


5. Niger:

Niger is constantly threatened by the climatic changes happening across the globe.

With approximately 80 percent of the land area covered by the Sahara, the country has become vulnerable to desertification and inability to feed the population with small scale agricultural practices.

With everlasting demands and clashes of the army with the armed group ‘Boko Haram’, the country faces a situation of unrest which is difficult to recover from.


6. Haiti:

Although Haiti is not the sixth poorest country in the world, we were bound to mention it because of a strange phenomenon that might give you an idea of how difficult survival has become in these countries.

The population here is so poor that they bake clay discs as a staple diet due to inaccessibility to nutritious food. The clay is devoid of all the nutrients and hardly provides any energy.

This might lead to some serious health concerns for many in the long run which might result in death due to the absence of medical facilities for the common people.


We do feel saddened by the contents of this post, but we need to spread awareness so that people understand their role towards aiding their brothers in times of need. There is a very famous saying –“We rise only by lifting others”. If everybody pledges to help someone in need, we can surely make the world a better place.

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