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6 Signs That It Is Time For You To Let Go

Love is too pure to take the form of abuse. Giving someone total control over life is a bad decision no matter what explanation you have for it.

If you let someone dominate you in the name of a healthy relationship, you not only lose your willpower but also become vulnerable to depression and other health complications.

In case you’ve been feeling subjugated in the relationship lately, this post totally goes for you. Here are 6 signs that signify that it has gotten out of your control and you need to let go immediately:

1. You Don’t Feel Respected:

Respect means a lot in a healthy loving relationship.

If your partner constantly keeps your mind occupied with their useless logic over why they don’t respect you anymore, don’t buy it.

No relationship can exist without respect and you shouldn’t settle at any cost, no matter what they promise when they need you.


2. You Starve For Attention:

There is barely anything worse than starving for attention in a relationship. Your mind is constantly at war with you asking you to be patient and optimistic when in reality things have gotten way beyond repair.

Realistic advices never come from within; for the people you love care for you more than you ever could.

Don’t ignore the advice your best friend gives you –they know what’s good for you in a much better way without having any hidden agenda behind it.

3. You Feel Addicted To Them:

Addiction is a big problem with people who are being dominated in the name of a real relationship.

If you’ll leave a person in harsh environments, they tend to get used to surviving in them. Addiction takes away the power to understand, and people often tend to give in pretty easily to the demands of their captivator, no matter how unreasonable their demand might be.

If you feel addicted, take control. Only you can fix the mess you’ve allowed to build up with time.

4. Physical Or Verbal Abuse:

If you’ve been at the receiving end of physical or verbal abuse by your partner and hasn’t reported it to the authorities in the name of love, you are to blame.

But before we start accusing anybody, we want you to introspect yourself.

Why has it gotten this far? Why did you let it happen?

Let the answers guide you towards a better path in life.


5. Public Humiliation:

Abusive partners tend to be rude without any proper explanation all the time. While there is no explanation for rudeness in a loving relationship, they seldom care about what you think and how you feel.

They can get aggressive even in public places and might humiliate you in front of people you are close with.

In worst cases, a toxic person tries to convince everybody you know that you’re at fault and not them. They get the ultimate satisfaction upon tearing you apart for the last time.

6. Illegitimate Affair:

There is nothing worse than a cheating partner.

If you feel that your partner sneaks out with someone else as soon as you go away, you should immediately call the whole thing off.

Once a person gets indulged in cheating and stuff like that, their morale takes a strong hit and they lose the sense to judge what is right and what isn’t.

We totally understand that you fell for a person and felt things that you thought only happens in movies. But we do want you to understand our part –love never brings all the things that we’ve mentioned above. If you want to give it another shot, we totally support you as well. We just want you to know that people seldom change. Whatever you choose, just make sure you’re not on the receiving end anymore. After all, you deserve all the love you give someone in return as well.

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