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6 Ways You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Air conditioner blowing hot air

While furnace installation Oshawa, Canada experts are working in your home, you can request information about improving the air quality in a building. Poor air quality in a home leads to having a foul odor that permeates the building, and you may also experience numerous allergy symptoms. Many homes have poor air quality, so experts have determined that there are several ways to improve the air.

Way 1: Clean Your Home Frequently


Cleaning your home frequently is one of the best ways to improve its air quality. To prevent an accumulation of pet hair in the carpets, this is especially important when you have dogs or cats in your home. If you want to remove the most pollen, household dust and pet dander from the upholstered furniture and carpeting in your home, then you should have a vacuum cleaner that has a high efficiency air particulate filter that will capture tiny particles of debris.

Way 2: Have Houseplants in Your Home

Houseplants are an attractive way to decorate your home, but the items can also improve the air quality in a building. If you want to have fresher air in your home, then you should have houseplants in different areas. Some houseplants are better than others are for cleaning the air in your home, including spider plants, dragon trees or bamboo palms.

Way 3: Installing an Air Purification System

Air conditioner blowing hot air

If your home has a stuffy odor, then you can install an air purification system on the climate-control devices. In addition to cleaning the air that is suctioned into your home, an air purifier will remove dust and odors from the air inside your home. Furnace installation Oshawa technicians can add an air purifier to your home’s furnace or air conditioner.

Way 4: Use Your Home’s Venting Devices

Your home probably has venting devices over the stove and in the bathrooms, and by using these items strategically each day, you can remove the foul odors that can settle on surfaces such as the drywall, furniture and carpets. If you turn on a bathroom’s fan after a steamy hot shower, it will remove the moisture to prevent mold growth and mildew odors. The fan over the stove can remove the odors from cooking pungent foods.

Way 5: Change the Filters in Climate-control Equipment

When you have a new furnace installed, make sure to buy a box of air filters so that you can change the items once each month to keep the air inside your home fresh. To remember when to change air filters, have a home maintenance schedule where you can see it as a reminder to complete this chore.

Way 6: Have a Home’s Ductwork Cleaned Professionally

If you live in an older home, then the ductwork is likely filled with debris such as cobwebs, hair and piles of dust. A heating and cooling company can clean your home’s ductwork professionally with special equipment to remove all of this debris so that your home’s air quality is better.

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