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Awesome Tips For Organizing A Jaw-Dropping Bachelor’s Party For Your Friends

So it’s time for you to to execute one of the most important tasks you’ll ever be faced with: The planning of your buddy’s bachelor party.

The bachelor party event is so memorable, a nice catalog of Hollywood movies have created around the theme of the out-of-control, unforgettable, existential-revealing bachelor party. No pressure, right? It’s only one of the most important nights of your trusted buddy’s life, and he’s dropped the responsibility of planning into your lap!

Now you’ve got to figure out how to not only make your buddy’s pre-wedding celebration the most memorable night of his single life, but you’ve also got to figure out how to make sure that the rest of the bros enjoy being part of the festivities.

How are you going to ensure success? Try starting by implementing the following tips:

Plan the night of the event

Just like the wedding, a date has to be set for the spectacular event. Keep in mind that setting a date isn’t the same as setting a date for the local beer and chicken wings gathering with the bros. You’re going to need to actually break out a calendar (or a similar event planning app).

You’re going to need to select a date that gives everyone involved enough time to block the time off. And you’re going to need to ensure that the gang has enough money to chip in for any of the food, liquor, and entertainment that’s going to be involved. This goes back to the crucial issue of padding enough time in advance in the schedules for coordination and execution.

You’ll need to select a location

First, you’ll need to figure out if you’re going to hold the event at a local venue, or are you going to blow things out with a location-specific party event for the ages?

If you’re going to keep things simple and local, then you’re going need to call party halls that will allow you to host bachelor parties. Keep in mind that many of the party halls are booked months in advance, so you might not find a room available during the time frame you’ll require.

If you want local flexibility, then consider asking one of your boys in the crew if they’d be willing to host the event at their house. But unless your crew is rolling with a fat bank roll, then their house is probably going to be less than 2000 square feet, total. This will vastly restrict your guest list.

You’ll be restricted to only inviting the groom’s closest circle of friends, instead of being able to invite their former besties from primary school.

How is the crew being transported?

Let’s say you’ve decided to plan a multi-venue event. You’re going to want to plan centralized transportation for a couple of reasons. First, you don’t want anyone getting lost to or from the multiple venues. Second, you’ll want to ensure that no one is driving while intoxicated!

Here’s an idea: Why not hire a party car from Yorkville Toronto limo company? You can either ask for a stretch limo, or better yet, a tricked-out party SUV for the fellas. This will keep everyone safe while also ensuring that you can plan the ultimate party for your buddy who’s leaving the single life!

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