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How to Drive Safely Around Trucks

Driving with trucks on the road can be a tricky affair. It is potentially dangerous so you need to drive with caution around them. Research shows that the risk of accidents increases when there are trucks on the road. This is mostly because of the long rears of trucks, which present larger blind spots. Not only is it hard to maneuver your way around trucks, they also take longer to stop compared to smaller vehicles. Here is how to ensure you remain safe when driving alongside trucks on the road.

1.      Avoid Blind Spots

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Large vehicles, including trucks, have larger blind spots than normal passenger vehicles. For this reason, it is important for you to avoid driving on a truck’s blind spot. Drive ahead of the truck or slow down when driving behind it to ensure that the driver can see you using the side mirrors.

2.      Safe Passing

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It is important for you to practice safe passing while on the road. It is even more important when driving near a truck. This is because a truck cannot make stops as quickly as smaller vehicles. Always approach a truck from the left side as it is easier for the truck driver to see you. Make sure to signal well in advance and ensure that you can see the truck in your rear-view mirror after you’ve passed. Keep a safe distance before merging back into the lane.

3.      Give More Time Allowance

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When you turn or make lane changes near trucks, you need to indicate earlier than you would with a smaller vehicle. This gives the truck driver adequate time to respond and slow down to allow you to maneuver your way through. When merging lanes, make sure you have enough space between you and the truck. This is because the traffic can stop or slow down abruptly. Trucks take longer to slow down so they could easily rear-end you.

4.      Increase Your Following Distance

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When driving behind a truck, keep a 4 second distance between your car and the truck. This is because the driver is not able to see you if you are tailgating. In case the truck comes to an emergency halt, you may rear-end it if you’re not able to stop fast enough.

5.      Lookout for Wide Turns

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Look out for truck turns. When a truck is turning, the cab turns before the trailer. This means that it will take longer for the whole truck to turn. If a truck shows a turn signal, you should not attempt to pass it. If it is at an intersection, ensure your car remains safely behind the line as this will give the truck sufficient pace to turn.

6.      Wear Your Seat-belt

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Sometimes you may just be unlucky to encounter a reckless truck driver. Therefore, it is important to have your seatbelt on at all times especially when driving with trucks on the road. Belting up could save your life if you got into an accident with a truck.

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