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 How to Keep Your Dog Safe in A Rental Car

Want to carry your furry friend along on your next vacation? Great idea. However, you need to consider the safety of the dog while traveling. If you’ll be using a rental car, there are a lot of considerations you might have to make. You need to find car rental companies that allow pets in their cars and figure out what you need to do to keep the dog secured. Here is how to secure your dog in car rental.

  1. Prep the Dog

If you know you will be on the road for an extended amount of time, you need to prepare your dog for it. Take it on a series of short distant drives and eventually lengthen the time they spend in the car. If you will be traveling through different states, ensure your dog gets all the required vaccines and carry the vaccinations cards with you. There are some states that will require you to show this documentation before you can cross over. Ensure your dog feeds on a light meal 3 to 4 hours before the road trip.

  1. Use Harnesses

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You need to consider using a harness to make sure your dog is secure and safe throughout the trip. Traveling with an unrestrained dog is not only dangerous to the dog itself but also to other people in the car. Ensure you use a harness that keeps the dog secure in case of an accident.

  1. Make the Dog Comfortable

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Just like humans, dogs too need to be comfortable throughout the trip. Since most pets get uncomfortable during a trip, it is better to consider keeping them in their carriers. Ensure the carrier is large enough for your dog to stand and sit comfortably. The carrier should be well secured to prevent constant movement, which can be very uncomfortable for the dog.

  1. Prepare A Travel Kit

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If you know you will be on the road for many hours, it is best to bring along a travel kit for your dog. This comprises of the feeding bowl, food, a leash, plastic bags, waste scoop, medication, grooming supplies and travel documents. Also, carry the dog’s favorite toy as it can keep the dog distracted and busy. Ensure you carry plenty of water too.

  1. Keep the Windows Shut

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Your dog should always travel in the back seat. Keep the windows up throughout the travel. Allowing your dog to put its head outside the window puts it in harm’s way. It can be hit by debris that can cause injury. Also having the wind directly on its face can make the dog sick. This is because the air is forced into its lungs and it prevents the dog from breathing effectively. Also, never carry your dog on the back of a pickup truck.

  1. Do Not Leave the Dog Unattended

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Just like babies, you should not leave your dog unattended. If you must make a stopover, take the dog with you as opposed to leaving it in the car. Temperatures inside the car often go up faster when your car is stationary. This can cause serious organ damage to your dog and sometimes death. Also, leaving your pet unattended can present a pet thief with an opportunity to steal your dog.

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