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How to Make Your Plumbing Pet Proof

Are you a pet owner? If you are, then you know how important pet-proofing your home is. Left unchecked, pets can be a menace. This is why you need to take measures to protect both the pet and your property. What most pet owners do not stop to consider is the effect having a pet has on their plumbing.  Fortunately, there are things you can do as part of pet-proofing your plumbing. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Use Drain Stoppers

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When giving your pet a bath, cover the drain with a drain stopper or strainer. This prevents pet hair from accessing the drain, which can cause blockage after some time. There are some pets, especially dogs, that have thick, coarse hair that sheds a lot. Failure to protect your drain will mean that you will need to spend money to hire a plumber soon. To avoid this, use stoppers and strainers when cleaning your pet.

  1. Keep the Lid on The Toilet Closed

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When you own a pet, you understand that it is not uncommon for them to want to drink from the toilet bowl. This is highly discouraged as it can be bad for your pet. The residue from toilet cleaners and bleaches can cause serious health issues. Also, the pet may fall into the toilet and shed some fur. If this happens over a long period, it can eventually cause clogging of your drains.

  1. Flushing Cat Litter

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Even though most cat litter brands claim to be flushable, build up over time can cause clogging or gum up the plumbing. To ensure your plumbing system is not affected, only flush toilet paper and waste. Most pet products are not as flush friendly as they claim.

  1. Don’t Allow Dogs to Dig

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Pet digging not only ruins the look of your yard but can also affect your plumbing system. This is because with time the pet may dig deep enough to get to the plumbing lines. Most homes have their sewer and water lines just 18 inches beneath the ground. With unchecked digging, your pet will eventually reach the water and sewer pipes and cause damage to them. The resulting sewer or water pipe leaks can cause serious plumbing problems.

  1. Installing Pressure-Balancing Valves

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Pressure balancing valves for showerheads and faucets can go a long way to ensure that bathing your pet is easy. When you are having water pressure issues, it affects the water temperatures in your shower whenever someone flushes the toilet or runs the kitchen faucet. The sudden changes in temperature can mean that the water from the shower head gets really cold or hot at once which is dangerous. This is a plumbing problem that can be solved by installing pressure balancing valves. This ensures that pet bath times are not risky and is one of the most valuable pet-proofing your home tips you can get.

If you’re having any plumbing issues as a result of your pet or you need some help pet-proofing your plumbing, call in a professional plumber from Express Rooter.



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