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Make Your Last Moment Relocation Swift and Easy With These 6 Tips

All of us reach a point of packing and moving out of our homes at some point of time in our lives. We know for sure that it’s a task that needs meticulous planning. If you are a working professional with a jam-packed schedule, a lot of pre-planning may not be possible. We will provide you with some last minute moving hacks in this one. This could also happen if you find a home to move in a short period of time. And you aren’t left with the choice of planning it out.

1. Begin with the logistics

Begin with the logistics

It’s very easy to start fretting and worrying about a last minute move and the best to do is getting outside help. What better than having reputed packers and movers to make it a little easier for you and less to worry about? Get your local list from Google or a directory with packers and movers and search from the list for companies which come with a high customer rating. Service is important and customer ratings could speak volumes of how well they will handle your move. Once you pick the right team, it will be easier to figure the rest.

2. Time to bid adieu to your unwanted pile of things

Moving time is when a lot of people will have to say bye to those unnecessary pile of newspapers or some bottle cap collection. With not much time in hand to move, you will have to make quick and smart decisions which will burden you less at that point. This also includes the point where you shouldn’t regret throwing away some favorite and memorable item either. If you do feel that you could part with some books, toys, and clothes, this is your chance to donate to people in need and yes, do not think of donating as a trash can either.

3. Assemble a moving essentials bag

This bag will be your “go to one” when you move into the new place for immediate essentials you are sure to look out for. Some of these items as your mobile phone charger, vehicle keys, valuable jewelry, and personal records and so on. This should be one of the initial things to be done before the actual begins or before the Packers’ team comes home to do all the work. This could avoid the confusion for both you and them. Do not forget to have a pair or two of your clothes to be changed into as you get to your new home.

4. Make sure to name and tape the boxes appropriately

This a pivotal step of packing even if you are in a hurry. Naming the boxes will avoid any further confusion once you move in and look for things that you need. As much as you want to convince yourself of remembering what was where and in which box, trust me on this! It won’t be that easy to unpack without a label and could lead to further confusion and unpacking trauma. There are packers to help you out with this step for sure. All you have to do is mention what to write to them for a specific box.

5. Ask for help

This could also be made into a fun and less of a cumbersome process if it involves some of your near and dear ones. There should some of your friends who could bail you out of this tiring process and be a part of it. A helping hand will ease out your worry and the load of work as it could be divided equally amongst your friends who are there. A little reminder to get them a pizza or some cupcakes once you are done!

6. Leave a chunk of tasks to the mover’s team

You have managed to get them at the last moment and will have to pay an amount for it too. So, a lot of tasks can be supervised. Get most of the work done by the team you hired. Like packing electronics which you are afraid to do it yourself. Be with the team of packers and offer them all the help you can with some gentle instructions. and you are sure to have a smooth sailing of packing and moving!

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