The 6 Benefits of Using Managed Cloud for Your Business

Cloud is now mainstream. In fact, the IDC estimates that the private cloud business will be worth a whopping $40.6 billion by 2019. In a fast-evolving marketplace, many industries, particularly retail, media, and manufacturing, have realized that the cloud…

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 Is Your Plumber A Fraud? Here Are 5 Tell-Tale Signs

When you develop plumbing issues in your home, you probably get on Google and search for ‘good plumbers near me’.  Plumbing can be an expensive service and thus needs to be undertaken by a qualified plumbing professional.  One of…

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7 Road Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Every day thousands of people use the walkway paths beside the roads to make it to different destinations. The truth is, walking near a road or an intersection is dangerous. Pedestrians have little or no protection from the oncoming…


7 Benefits of Using AWS for Cloud Computing

Looking for a managed hosting provider? Today most businesses are moving their I.T infrastructure into the cloud. Amazon Web Services cloud computing is one of the most popular service providers in this space. With thousands of customers across 190…

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6 Tips for Hiring A Car and Driver in India

Looking to visit India but don’t want the hassle of dealing with public transport? Have you considered renting a car? Then you must be wondering how exactly you’re going to get around now that you have no experience driving…

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How to Make Your Plumbing Pet Proof

Are you a pet owner? If you are, then you know how important pet-proofing your home is. Left unchecked, pets can be a menace. This is why you need to take measures to protect both the pet and your…


5 Handy Tips to Stress-Free Rental Car Collection

There is no better feeling than that of arriving at your travel destination, especially after a long tiring flight. All you want to do is collect your rental car and take off to your hotel or accommodation location. While…

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What is The Predictive Index?

  The most important asset that any business can have our employees. Due to the importance of having quality employees, it is very important that a business goes through the proper steps to pick the right one. One tool…

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How To Develop Mobile Apps For Beginners – 5 Tips

Mobile applications today are quickly becoming extremely important for all businesses to have to help support their overall organization. Because of this, there are going to be many professional opportunities available to those who are able to effectively build…

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8 Signs That Your WordPress Blog is Hacked

Has my WordPress site been hacked? If you’re asking this question, then there a chance your WordPress website is not functioning as it should. There are several telltale signs that may help you find out whether your site has…