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Top 6 Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

moving house tips

Most of the mistakes made during a move can be avoided. Save yourself a lot of pain and misery by planning out your move and being cognizant of the mistakes movers make. Using professional movers will usually insulate you from these pitfalls since they’ve conducted hundreds of moves and have seen every possible scenario. Below are some moving house tips to help you steer clear of mistakes that can spell disaster.

Mistake 1: Being Overconfident

Being Overconfident

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Trying to save money by conducting the move by yourself is a self-defeating strategy. Moving huge pieces of furniture and delicate valuables seems deceptively easy. Doing it yourself will increase the chances of breakage, injury, and loss. You’re better off getting professional help to guide you through the process. This way, your chances of having a successful move increase tenfold.

Mistake 2: Packing the Wrong Way

packing the wrong way

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You can always save money by packing your stuff yourself. However, a DIY can result in oversights that can cause a lot of problems on the moving day. One of the mistakes made when packing is making boxes too heavy. Loading such boxes into the moving truck often times proves impossible leading to a lot of wasted time and the need for repacking. To avoid this pitfall, pack heavy items such as books in smaller boxes to make them more manageable. Another common mistake is using flimsy boxes that cave in during the move. Use sturdy boxes when packing your items.

Mistake 3: Poor Labeling

Poor Labeling

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This is one of the most important moving house tips. Make sure all fragile items are labeled with the terms “FRAGILE”. Failure to do this increases the chances of breaking fragile items during the move. The people handling the boxes will be more cautious with a box if it’s labeled as fragile. Proper labeling also helps with the unpacking process. If every box has a label detailing its contents and the room it’s meant for, unpacking becomes a much easier process.

Mistake 4: Underestimating the Move

Underestimating the Move

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A move is more involving than it seems. A seemingly 2-hour job could end up taking the whole day. Moving is a very involving and time-consuming process. Most times, it will cost you more than you’d imagined. This is why it is important to get a professional mover to do an on-site cost estimate before committing to working with them.

Mistake 5: Not Taking Out Insurance

 Not Taking Out Insurance

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Moving companies are obligated to compensate their clients in case of damages during the move. However, this may not be enough to cover your valuables. If you have fragile items that cost a lot of money, you’d best take out insurance. However, such an investment is not necessary for low-cost items.

Mistake 6: Failure to Make Advance Bookings

Failure to Make Advance Bookings

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Always make your bookings in advance. Moving companies work on very tight schedules and you’re unlikely to get a slot for your move on the desired day if you leave it too late. Start making arrangements with a mover as soon as you’ve decided on a moving date. This also gives you adequate time to choose between providers so that you can get the best possible deal.

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