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What is The Predictive Index?


The most important asset that any business can have our employees. Due to the importance of having quality employees, it is very important that a business goes through the proper steps to pick the right one.

One tool that a business could use that could help it to better assess and choose an employee is the predictive index, which is a set of career assessment and personality test tools that businesses can use to help identify the right job candidate. These tests can benefit an organization a number of different ways.


Narrow Job Pool


One of the first benefits of using a predictive index is that it will help you to narrow the job pool. Depending on your industry, you could receive hundreds of applicants for just one open position.

It can be extremely hard to parse through all of the resumes. By having employees take one of these tests, you will be able to quickly narrow the job pool to candidates that meet the profile you are looking for.


Create Better Interview Questions


Once you have received the results of the personality and career assessment tests, you can use the results to create better interview questions.

These tests will provide you with an incredible amount of data and analysis that may need further assessment to make a decision. Once you have reviewed and analyzed this data, it could give you an indication as to what you should ask during the interviews. This will help you to better key in on the strengths and weaknesses of the applicants.


Organize Staff


While these tests can be used to decide whom to hire, they can also be used to determine how to organize your staff. Depending on your organization, you may have several teams of dedicated employees that will work together. Since certain personalities mesh better with others, these tests will help you to find individuals that are likely to work well together.

This can help you to create a network or more efficient teams that will be productive and will leave all staff members happy and satisfied with their jobs.


Develop Personalized Predictions



Once you have used the test for a few years, you will be able to use the results and then compared it to which employees have done well and which have struggled.

The test will then be able to provide you with more personalized predictions that can be used to determine which employees will do well, which will fit in with your team, and which are likely to struggle and even quit after a short time with your firm.


Objective View



Finally, using one of these tests can help to give you a very objective view when you are looking to make hiring decisions. When you have a lot of candidates to choose from, making the final call can be very hard.

These tests will give you the ability to list and rank all of the applicants, which can give you a fair and objective way to make a hiring decision.

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